NextBee’s Gamification Program for Optimized Customer Engagement
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  • Age isn’t a barrier to playing games. While kids do it for enjoyment or as a favorite pastime. On the other hand, adults can absorb the mounting pressure of responsibilities due to their hectic routine. Keep working the whole day, but work never ends – so find your way to some fun while working with the gamification program.

    NextBee’s set of tools for gamification applications ensure an exciting and engaging platform that offers maximum value to customers’ money. Our end-to-end gamification features enlighten knowledge with gamification techniques. That is why it is likely to motivate users, increase sales and revenue, achieve higher profits, and develop your business.

    Nextbee’s Interpretation of Gamification Applications

    NextBee’s gamification program experience is well ahead of other conventional approaches. Our focus has always been on creating a customer-friendly experience. 

    Hence our variable rewards incentives tactics; places us in the industry expert’s mold. With our tools, create a flexible program that authorizes customers to choose their rewards from various options. 

    Maintain high quality and healthy gamification applications on the theory of progressive tiered rewards structure. A tiered system invariably increases customer retention as it keeps ends open for them to climb higher and choose better rewards of their liking. While your customers proceed with the program structure, your business grows simultaneously.

    NextBee’s Gamification Tools and Features

    NextBee’s tools bring the best combination of features onboard to help you achieve the marketing objectives of your business. 

    Our gamification applications include single sign-on integration, mobile-friendly HTML 5 widgets, tracking pixels, persistent cookies, support for POS system APIs, Twitter search APIs, and Facebook Graph APIs. It lends you extensive support to track and reward users for their gamification activities.  

    We proudly announce our social gamification module, which is not all about targeting Facebook posts and users’ comments only. Our gamification approach consists of tracking purchases, endorsing product reviews, participation in surveys, the status of promotional emails, et cetera. 

    Such consent opened, and action is taken, several friends brought to your website by customers, and the number of times friends visit your website web store.

    Our configurable gamification widgets meet the marketing requirements of your brand. We focus on developing an optimized gamification program that maintains the contextual and interaction flow of your audience. 

    NextBee’s gamification applications have an intrinsic tracking module that monitors customer behavior and offers related reports in an understandable format.

    NextBee’s Advantages for Gamification Program

    With NextBee support, you can channelize your audience on:

    • “Level Up” structure of gamificationThis provides features like incremental incentives, unlocking access to higher-level activities, and rewards to maintain a high engagement level.
    • Regular contests – Such activities are designed for promotion and fun, and include tools for the motivation of customers such as dynamic leaderboards showcasing top users and grand prizes.)
    • Automated social recognition of gamification achievements – Users are automatically notified when achievement levels are gained, special access unlocked, and rewards won. Besides, achieve social badges and share accomplishments on social platforms.

    In addition to providing real value, the gamification rewards center on the exciting – cash, badges, gift cards, physical items, and more! 

    With NextBee’s proprietary suite of tools and your ability to build activities such as vote-based competitions, photo uploads, quizzes, and much more, we guarantee gamification features help you meet your customer engagement and retention objectives.

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