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  • How Gamification Raises Employee Productivity
  • 1111111111Let us understand Employee Productivity before we go ahead with elaborating its relationship with Gamification.

    Employee Productivity is a measure of how effectively an employee works to achieve its organization’s goals. While a lot of organizations believe in having employees work for at least a specific number of hours, the truth is hours do not matter. It is the task done that is more important. Focus on results rather than how long an employee works. A motivated employee should make continual progress towards the task.

    It is a fact that employees do not work to their full potential. Gamification raises their efforts, all while keeping them happy and develops them into champions. It keeps employees engaged in participating and performing. Using gamification, an organization can make even the most tedious tasks interesting. When task completion is linked to rewards, employees find motivation in performing.

    Developing contests and sweepstakes is one idea that has been in the system since ages. And it still works. By creating a variety of contests, you, basically, increase employee participation. The announcement of contests itself builds excitement among employees. You can also announce what rewards would follow to excite them further.
    You decide the rules for engagement. If you want your employees to progressively share your products or brand on social media, you can shift their activity in the desired direction. It can be any activity. Just remember what behavior to reward. Offering heavy cash rewards has never been the corporate norm. Keep low-cost rewards that make employees feel a valued part of the organization. Offer titles, put up their name on the board, highlight their achievements, give digital profile badges, a dedicated parking space, early off from work, corporate lunches or passes to exclusive events.

    Another great way to engage employees is collaborating and empowering them. When employees can share their rewards with peers, it not just harmonizes their relationship but also raises their participation in tasks so they can contribute to others.

    As employees begin to find interest in regular task completion and goal achievement, you can further participation through leaderboards and rank employees based on the key performance parameters that you set. Level-up structure of rewards encourages employees to raise their performance.

    Gamification need not be introduced at a later stage. It can be made use of from the time an employee joins an organization. Seemingly monotonous tasks, such as understanding the organization’s processes, policies and values or filling forms, can be made entertaining with reward points waiting at the successful completion of the task.
    The idea behind gamification is to make even the most mundane of tasks entertaining enough to bring tangible benefits to the organization. That, however, requires a detailed and focused approach. Not every activity may be gamified. Understand the most important objectives that need to be fulfilled, employee behavior in the organization, employee interests and what activities will drive employees – your secret to developing an effective employee gamification program.

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