Ways Of Incorporating Employee Engagement Program In Casinos & Spas
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  • Employee engagement programs are taking another drift in this peculiar corporate environment for all the good reasons. Companies are actively incorporating employee-centric programs to boost workforce productivity levels in order to perceive the utmost results. 

    With the ever-growing demand in the industry, organizational cultural-shift is getting better day by day both for employers and employees. Marketers deploy a lot of strategies to make their employees feel appreciated and engaged in the organization. 

    It is no secret that employee engagement is the biggest performance booster for both employers and employees. The good thing is that companies can meet their realistic targets by incorporating engagement programs for their employees. Engagement programs do not only make employees productive but also keeps them engaged throughout their journey with the organization. 

    Although, there are different programs that every marketer or business owner introduces from time to time to keep up the spirit of their employees. However, a few engagement programs work magically when it comes to motivating the employees working in casinos and spas. Being in the little famed glamorous industry where people come to rise and take away the shine, so the attendees of such premises should also be super energetic and enthusiastic. 

    A series of good experiences shared by a Casino and Spa property who has shared benefits gained by implementing engagement programs for working personnel.  

    Mr. Justin Cappozzo worked as a ‘Training Manager’ at The JW Marriott Resort Casino and Spa in Las Vegas. He shares a good experience pertaining to implementing an engagement program in the property. The engagement program which invited all employees to put across nominations for ‘Ambassador of the Month’. 

    To engage their employees, they announced that winners would receive a parking spot in the manager’s parking lot for a month, complimentary Starbucks coffee for 12 weeks, and a sizable cash award in an envelope. Names and pictures of the winners used to broadcast on the employee information kiosks and on the electronic marquee signs that flanked at the property entrances. 

    Here are some of the newest ways that are beneficial to have a better employee engagement model. 

    Implement New Inclusions To Achieve Better ROI

    During their engagement program, they introduced “The Ambassador of the Month” engagement program that had several goals to achieve this. This includes building an organizational culture of unity and inclusion, as well as creating excitement and incentivization for reaching even higher levels of luxury-level guest service. 

    Investing in the monthly award program to create greater ROI with associates was the primary goal. And, the goals of Executive Management was to try to give back and completely recognize their hard-working associates. 

    Support The Existing System Through An Employee Engagement Program

    To reinforce the existing business model, JW Casino & Spa has made a few categories under which they nominated the employees that can bring a sense of perfection among the workforce. 

    Associates were nominated in the categories – ‘Front of the House’, ‘Heart of the House’, & ‘Leader of the House’ to win the Ambassador of the month title.

    The event usually takes place in one of the property’s fine dining establishments which are attended by the executive leadership team, department managers, directors, and vice presidents. 

    The Results Generated From the Employee Program

    The results came out to be superlative. Nominated associates got happy with the results as they felt that the organization is showing utmost care towards them. The ceremony venue made employees enjoy the luxury atmosphere. The workforce overall looked forward to nominating those that they felt deserved the honor, so it drove employee engagement quite well. The yearly employee engagement survey saw high marks for the associate satisfaction section.

    Wrap Up

    An employee engagement program is widely accepted across the industries with a vision to create an employee-friendly environment. Engagement programs drive satisfaction levels, enthusiasm in performing roles, and make employees super productive. 

    To recognize employee’s strengths, companies can easily build employee recognition strategies with easy-to-use platforms like NextBee’s Employee Engagement Program. The platform can drive companies to make larger profits by adopting different techniques to keep the employees happy and satisfied.

    So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact our marketing experts to know more about this state-of-the-art solution. 


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