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Best Employee Engagement Software To Boost Workforce Productivity

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Productivity is the utmost requirement that every organization expects from its employees irrespective of their designation and status in the company. Whether it is a manager, subordinate, executive, head of operations, delivery manager, et cetera, every organization must adopt viable strategies to keep them motivated to work harder and smarter.

    However, some people say that employee motivation can be encouraged with just a small bonus/ increment after a year. While others stand with the opinion to make the workplace a completely highly engaging place so that it can boost employees’ productivity. The reality seems slightly different and opposite to this belief.

    Apart from leave policy benefits and monthly remuneration, employees need to be engaged so that they can work diligently. Having an environment that believes that employee engagement is one of the major drivers to run business operations smoothly and calmly is essential.

    Usually, very fewer organizations make efforts to feel employees as part of the family, and to improve their skill-set, brands must run a program that is employee-centric and gives them space to reinforce their talent.

    Lower productivity and unrecognized employees eventually make the company go out of sight and make businesses critical. To instill enthusiasm in the employees’ to boost their productivity reflection in the results, brands can implement NextBee’s finest employee engagement software that makes the employee retention faster. It can make them stay committed to the organization with its utmost rewarding based platform.

    Unlike many employee-focused engagement solutions, there is no real-time comparison with the competitors. However, there are some unique aspects that make NextBee’s Employee Engagement Software;

    – The best alternative to Blueboard
    – The best alternative to Globoforce
    – The best alternative to OC Tanner
    – The best alternative to Peakon
    – The best alternative to Glint

    – The best alternative to Achievers



    NextBee offers a range of impressive features that are less likely to be found in other traditional engagement solutions. The all-new technologically advanced platform created by NextBee gives an ultimate and never experienced delicacy to engage your employees to boost their productivity.

    However, to make employees have a higher level of job satisfaction, NextBee’s employee engagement software is an ideal platform for them to boost their motivation to bring desired results. Meanwhile, the solution has a plethora of features that make the solution super engageable for your customers such as: .

    • Rich-Featured Admin Dashboard – The platform offers a rich-featured dashboard where the admin panel has a lot of impressive features to run single-handedly. The user can manage and create new tabs for different users such as introducing new offers, deals, posts, categories, et cetera.
    • AI-driven Business Analytics – Not only does the employee-based engagement platform have the potential to significantly increase employee retention and productivity, but it also helps to analyze and monitor their day-to-day improvements through the analytics metrics.
    • Gamification & Rewards – As some organizations do not prefer keeping their employees engaged with high rewarding schemes or gamification programs because they already have a notion that employees are being paid and that’s enough to support their survival in the business system. You can make employees super engaged in the rewards program and encourage them to perform better through engagement activities.
    • Customizable Solution – The software is an ultimate solution that can be completely customized based on your business requirements. Whether you want to include some extra feature or wants to eliminate any unnecessary thing which is not required for your business, NextBee provides complete flexibility to customize the solution according to your specifications.

    With all the above-mentioned list of rich features, choosing NextBee’s Employee Engagement Solution over other solutions is a perfect choice of all time. NextBee has attention-grabbing features that are better than other traditionally operating solutions such as Glint, Globoforce, Achievers, Blueboard, Peakon, OC Tanner, and a few others.

    Businesses and entrepreneurs are likely to see their productive employees as a good resource and an asset for the organization. That’s why to keep them engaged in the business profitable journey, NextBee offers a uniquely performing employee engagement solution to create opportunities for both employees and employers.

    To know more about the benefits of incorporating engagement software, reach out to our marketing specialists. Feel free to reach out to us anytime.