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Employee Engagement Solution And Its Features

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Why is Employee Engagement so important? For each running business, a structured engagement platform is necessary – one that can spark users to generate content which in turn will power your marketing strategy. 

    It is apparent that when employees are engaged and feel valued they will get you leads. They might also create some form of user-generated content such as social posts, reviews, videos, etc. All of these can, in turn, make your marketing more relevant, more noteworthy, and more relatable to potential customers. Also, it will help to create a relationship that they remember even long after their last visit. 

    Employee engagement ought to be the cornerstone of any kind of business. One can increase the chances of being noticed and involve people more often by sending personalized emails. These emails need to be planned well, using different strategies. Personalized emails work for customers and employees, leading them to a thriving community. It drives a higher lifetime value per customer and creates users who will happily evangelize your brand.

    NextBee has worked tirelessly in developing this end-to-end solution – it can be seamlessly integrated with your in-house systems and processes creating a rewarding and exciting experience for your employees while generating strong ROI for your company.

    This quick guide will teach the features of employee engagement strategies.

    Task-Based Rewards

    Make sure that it is easy to use the procedure for your employees, including all the activities that concern the most for your brand. Make your employees engaged and active and offer them perks and incentives to keep the engagement flowing. 

    Employee Referrals

    It is advisable to add employee advocacy to empower your employees so that they can refer recruits to your brand. Also, you can reward them with a plethora of reward options available to us. 

    Sales Performance Tracking 

    Track your employee’s sales in near real-time and give your employees a few added incentives to go the extra mile in reaching their quota. 

    Interactive Leaderboards

    Make the best use of employee gamification to take your program to the next level with interesting and fun leaderboards to identify your top performers. Through comment functionality, your employees will get added recognition and encouragement to achieve a higher level of rewards. 

    Offer Activity Credits

    If you have launched an activity that can’t be automatically tracked? No worries, with our offline recognition widgets, you can easily award nearly any activity and enhance employee loyalty and performance. 

    Secure SSO

    It is advisable to follow an easy approach for everyone by using the current employee account login details for the program. 

    Social Sharing

    Manage to convert your employees into evangelists for your running brand. Offer them ready to use content or also invite them to share their own, all of which is done while earning credits. 

    Attendance Bonuses

    Inspire employee motivation and award bonus credits for perfect attendance during a particular set of time. Moreover, offer additional bonuses for attending a meeting or an event. 

    Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Contests

    Plan employee contests easily to award your top performers in a particular time frame. Reset the contest after it drawing to keep employees engaged. 

    Detailed Tracking

    With the Employee reward solution, you will have access to detailed insights into sign-ups, sharing, clicks, conversions, email opens, reward choices, etc. 


    We’ve tried to cover many features to increase engagement that are beneficial and in most cases can be put into action today. However, there are a few extra considerations to make them work as best they can. That is to design a personalization plan for all of your marketing efforts and a system to try and execute tools that can save time in the long run. Surely, a properly structured engagement platform can and will spark users to generate content. And it can provide you with user-generated content which will help you power your marketing strategies.

    Here at NextBee, we help companies to incorporate smart strategies for greater engagement, and for garnering stronger and more profitable user-generated content. Feel free to contact us today!