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    Besides the organic posting, you can invite public attention to businesses on social media platforms. It is all about finding the influencer accounts that can introduce the business to a wider public. While running around to find identify influencers, we forget that the employees of the organization themselves can be the best advocates for the firm. They can best talk about the products from their own experience in the company and be the sources of publicity for the firm. When people find the employers advocating the products to friends and family, it increases the goodwill of the company.


    The organizations such as Dell, IBM, and Intel have long implemented the Employee Advocacy Program widely. Though a single individual cannot give them the same reach as an influencer gets them, the employees together can surely bring a change.


    Here we will talk about the Top 10 Employee Advocacy Programs:


    • Hootsuite Amplify

    HootSuite Amplify is an audition to the Hootsuite and allows the organizations to easily share the pre-designed and suitable content with employees, which they can then further share on various social media platforms. It also allows companies to monitor the performance of employees at various stages.


    • Everyone Social

    Everyone Social brings out the employee engagement charts and creates content that keeps them more motivated to share these and thus better engaged. It is simple to use and content can be easily accessed. Options like blacklist or make a site read-only allows the companies to exercise power over what is being posted.  With its own Andriod or iOS mobile apps, it comes with a Leader Board to identify those who perform best. Analytics is a strong point with Everyone Social.


    • LinkedIn Elevate

    LinkedIn Elevate, the most popular of programs is associated with the platform LinkedIn and provides a space within various platforms for quality content to be shared by employees. It is easy to contact employees within the Linked In and their activity gets monitored automatically.


    • Bambu

    Designed by Social Sprout, Bambu is a simplified version that creates original and customized content to be shared by employees via curators. These are accessible to the employees through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, where they can read and share their stories.


    • Post Beyond

    Post Beyond, a program with a comprehensive plan, helps firms with managing its brand, employees and social reach. The admins here can build a content library of blogs etc from sources and share it in the employee groups. It presents the costs of doing the same publicizing via social media marketing.


    • Trapit

    Trapit’s allows the greatest space to build content, with various tools and resource ranges. It analyses both the employee performance and the content popularity to help you decide what to share.


    • DrumUp

    DrumUp creates a unique stream for each firm where they post fresh and custom-made content for the employees to read and later access via the RSS feed on the company’s website. It provides analytics support to monitor employee performance from activity and number of posts to the influence they create. Through the Leader Board, employees can also track their own performance and everyone else, thus adding a scope for competition and rewards.


    • Dynamic Signal

    Dynamic Signal avails platforms including inXing, Tumblr, and WordPress for the employees. It works on international levels with 12 language options and integrating online platforms from Adobe to Jive. It keeps employees informed of developments and engaged. The firm can control messages, which themselves will be varied in content to avoid cluttering. It monitors the circles where each employee shares and then customizes content accordingly.

    So, these are some of the great top employee advocacy tools that unite an affluent mix of characteristics to go well with a multiplicity of company needs and goals.

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