Proven Techniques for Employee Recognition Program In Hospitality Industry
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  • Have you ever thought that placing an employee recognition program at the workplace could bring positive change in employee productivity?

    All business growth can be helped by implementing a simple employee recognition strategy. This is significant because having such strategies in place motivates the employees as they are the backbone of every industry.  

    In the organizational culture, recognizing employees is important and is the crucial factor to witness good results in business growth. 

    Many good reasons are associated with introducing employee recognition programs like new businesses come-in, companies can count on more profits, new areas of revenue generation flow, et cetera.

    For that, having employees and paying them remuneration is not enough sometimes. Appreciating their hard work, dedication, efforts are equally important to perceive and for pushing them towards showcasing more productivity. 

    This is why most of the sectors are more inclined to build employee-friendly recognition strategies. The employee recognition program is one of the beneficial methods to incorporate in every organization.

    Therefore, many big and mid-sized brands including the hospitality sector want to implement an employee recognition program as an integral part of their work culture. 

    A small example quoted by the Training Manager of a five-star hotel who revealed the targeted users benefited from implementing employee recognition programs at the workplace.

    Who were the Workplace Engagement or Recognition Program’s target users at the resort?

    The target users were line-level staff and middle management of the Resort. Front of the House is high point-of-contact associates, meaning those who would deal directly with guests for the majority of their work tasks (front desk, dealers, food and beverage servers and hosts, bellmen, etc). Heart of House associates is behind the scenes associates, mostly in the Culinary, Public Area and Housekeeping departments. Leaders of the House were the middle managers of all of the property’s departments. 

    All employees who are the core heart of the company are constantly in touch with the guests. So, they must stay motivated to assist the guests with a smile on the face. These are just some useful tips that can make them feel valued and cared for. 

    Here are some of the tactics to introduce employee recognition program in the hospitality industry: 

    Offer Rewards for Employee Satisfaction 

    Well, everything goes hand-in-hand as when employers take care of their employees with a level of satisfaction then it ultimately makes them more productive. 

    Giving employees especially front-line personnel regular rewards are one of the best ways to keep them motivated. It is not necessarily to offer rewards every now and then but recognizing their efforts once in a month is a great idea.

    Preferred Gift Cards

    Gifts are always one of the best ways to surprise someone, be it on a personal or professional front. This same resort/ hotel took one initiative to make the gift cards a progressive journey for their employees. 

    So the resort considered changing their monthly program to quarterly and hosting the event at the property. Picnics, cookouts, potlucks, carnival, bringing kids to work were also internal promotional events that were brought into consideration.

    Such things actually motivate employees to feel dedicated to their job and the business. 

    Employee Empowerment

    Apart from meaningful employee-focused values, senior associates ensure they deliver training to juniors in a way that adds value to the employee experience.

    They should also be able to closely stick to the hotel’s core values to bring in the culture of employee empowerment to generate effective results.  

    Wrap Up

    An employee recognition program is highly in demand across industries with the vision to create an employee-friendly environment. To conclude, with a little brainstorming, companies can easily build recognition strategies with easy-to-use platforms like NextBee’s Employee Recognition Program. NextBee provides valuable features in the solution that make companies earn larger profits and keep employees happy.

    So, what are you looking for? If you want to incorporate such an employee engagement strategy in your business model, feel free to contact our marketing experts. 


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