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Increase Customer Retention With PipeDrive Loyalty Program

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Do you know that companies prefer to have a retention plan rather than acquiring a new customer? Customer retention is all about making customers’ preferences as the brand’s own priorities to succeed in the competitive business world because brands can take advantage of good association that has been made with the customers. Whereas, targeting a new lead/ new customer is a whole new process that takes time to build up trust.

    However, with the help of a loyalty program, businesses can completely rely on the uniqueness of this program because brands do not need to do something extraordinary to fetch customer interest. For a great deal to be done, identification of loyal customers is the crucial part that needs to be rewarded for their consistent purchasing habits.

    For such loyal customers, brands can design an effectual program with NextBee’s well-performing loyalty software that has helped many leading brands across the industries. The software offers a customization option that can be integrated with PipeDrive technology without any technical glitches.


    • New Activity
    • New Deal
    • Updated Deal
    • Activity Matching Filter
    • Deal Matching Filter
    • New Note
    • New Organization
    • Organization Matching Filter
    • New Person
    • Person Matching Filter
    • Updated Deal Stage
    • Updated Organization
    • Updated Person


    • Track Purchase
    • Assign Reward Tier
    • Log Activity
    • Update Segment
    • Give Reward Points
    • Offer Reward
    • Send New Message
    • Schedule New Offer
    • Update Message Sequence
    • Request Feedback
    • Assign a New Task
    • Send eSign Request

    Loyalty programs are one of the most integral marketing strategies that have the potential to double the company’s overall sales with customer-focused retention techniques.

    To design a customer-centric loyalty program, incorporate NextBee’s loyalty software that comes with 100% customization options, impressive features, and with latest integration methodology that can be aligned with the PipeDrive loyalty app.

    To know more, contact our trained product specialists who will explain to you the entire process about how the loyalty software works. You can hit on the ‘request a demo’ button to reach out to us!