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Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Have you ever thought about how new customers just instantly come and stay stuck to your brand all of a sudden? Thanks to the audacity shown with the referral marketing to win the confidence of existing customers.

    A referral program is one of the most frequently used assets that come into use to turn loyal customers into brand advocates. No one can ever imagine that with a bunch of a few loyal customers, brands can get a huge number of new customers with investing hefty amounts.

    Fortunately, with the help of referral marketing programs, there is very little work that needs to be done to impress new customers. The reason being half of the brand’s work has already been done by existing shoppers who have referred your brand to new referrals (customers).

    However, to grow the business, earn higher margins, and build stronger relationships with customers, many leading brands have implemented NextBee’s originally developed referral program software that is intended to benefit companies of all sizes. The platform has impressive features and an exceptionally rewarding system that happily accommodates customers of all segments.

    The software solution has an impressive integration methodology that can be very well-integrated with the Hubspot sales partner program.


    • New Paid Order
    • New Customer
    • New Cancelled Order
    • New Blog Entry
    • New Abandoned Cart
    • New Order
    • New Order (Any Status)
    • New Product
    • Updated Order


    • Assign Badge
    • Track Referral Sale
    • Facebook Post
    • Twitter Post
    • LinkedIn Post
    • Referral Email Sent
    • SMS Sent
    • Web Banner Post
    • Log Activity
    • Update Segment
    • Give Reward Points
    • Offer Reward
    • Send New Message
    • Schedule New Offer
    • Update Message Sequence
    • Request Feedback
    • Assign a New Task
    • Send eSign Request

    In business, strategic planning and persistent efforts together bring success. Same as for referrals, giving your customers a reason to refer your brand to others becomes justified when existing buyers are already impressed with your services and referral approach.

    To keep brands stay ahead with the referral marketing system, NextBee follows best industry practices to originate a well-performing referral software solution that has helped top brands to develop high-end customer relationships with their customers.

    Leverage the benefits of the NextBee referral program software aligned with the Shopify omnichannel solution and strengthen the customer acquisition process.

    Feel free to contact our expert team of marketing professionals for more information and get expert guidance.