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  • Do you know why companies sometimes face losses in sales or even lose customers at times? It is not always that the products or services are not doing fine, it is something beyond that. That is – the absence of a referral program.

    Indeed, good customer service is another element that adds a spark to the brand’s image. it helps to boost word of mouth. However, promoting the brand is equally important as the products/ services, providing pre-sales & post-sales customer service, et cetera.

    Besides, for brand promotion, spreading the good word about the brand can be better done through existing customers who are loyal, transparent, and silently choose you over your competitors.

    NextBee Referral Program

    In this highly competitive business zone, out of many tactics, the referral program is one of the finest marketing strategies.

    With a referral program, you can encourage your customers to originally spread the good word about the brand to other people. However, you just need to get them to count the advantages associated with this remarkable program and how they can be benefitted from it.

    To showcase happy customers the list of benefits of the referral program, what else would be so good apart from rewards plus incentives? Isn’t it?

    Hence, referral programs are best for any organization to build up brand image, retain customers, and increase sales revenue. Referral Programs are good mainly for:

    • Customer Retention
    • Boosting Brand Image
    • Boost In Social Engagement
    • Maximum Conversion Rate
    • A Potential Increase In ROI

    Unlike many referral program software provider companies, there are a few things that make NextBee’s Customer Referral Software; The best alternative to Extole, Talkable, Dynamic Signal, Ready Pulse, Neo Reach, Social Annex

    Integrations, Features Access, Analytical Data, Referral Rewards, Customer Retention, Feedbacks, Lead Generation – Launch A Successful Referral Program With NextBee’s Exclusive Software Aimed To Engage Loyal Customers


    NextBee delivers the finest end-to-end referral software solution that can be seamlessly integrated with any of your in-house application systems. Not only does the program gives a boost to the sales part, but with the exciting rewards and incentives, it gives a thrill to customers for bringing more referrals through word of mouth.

    Here are some of the most unique features of NextBee’s referral program.

    • Direct integration and superb methodology to access the program. Integration can be done with any third party application portal
    • Companies can target different people for asking referrals including, employees, customers, influencers, and affiliates, et cetera. As a brand, you can let them have a unique customer experience by offering dynamic rewards and incentives
    • A complete package solution having futuristic tools to drive social behavior, event engagement, user reviews, testimonials, feedbacks, et cetera
    • Robust admin dashboard with a provision to glance through data analytics of sales performance and dedicated analyst support offering program modeling analysis
    • 24*7 customer support team available round the clock based in the USA. For any assistance, the dedicated team of account manager, product manager, customer success manager, data analyst, and other essential role-playing team members are available
    • Personalized and automated program based on machine learning that gives a peculiar experience to each user operating the software. For example, the admin would have all the software operating rights. Whereas, the features for other users might vary from person to person

    Wrap Up

    With all the above-mentioned rich list of features of the software makes NextBee Customer Referral Solution a fantastic solution over other traditional referral companies like Talkable, Social Annex, Neo Reach, Extole, Dynamic Signal, Amplifinity, et cetera.

    NextBee offers a unique referral program software ideal for each sized company. The platform takes your business to another level with its highest ROI and conversion rate through referral programs.

    NextBee’s referral program software allows brands to engage their loyal customers with unique rewards and incentives based on bringing referrals and increasing sales growth plus revenue.

    To know more about the benefits of the software, reach out to our marketing specialists for a better understanding of the software. Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We are here to help you always!

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