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How Big Data effects Manufacturing Organisations

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Big Data is one of the most useful technologies for manufacturing companies. It allows for the manufacturing processes to be optimized. As more and more manufacturing companies realize the importance of Big Data for manufacturing, they are turning to Big Data consulting solutions such as NextBee which has an experience of over 10 years in the field of technology. We help manufacturing businesses to formulate a plan for Big Data adoption. If you are still not convinced of the benefits of Big Data adoption in manufacturing, then the following reasons will clarify why Big Data is the answer to all your needs related to manufacturing.

    Improved Supply Chains and Production Processes  

    Manufacturing processes and supply chains are complex and long, manufacturers are trading in an increasingly global and interconnected environment. The efforts that are made to optimize supply chains and manufacturing processes should be supported by the ability to examine every supply chain link and process component that is involved in the granular detail.  Big data is being used to give manufacturers this ability.

    Manufacturers who are using the right analytics are now focusing on every segment of the production process and they can also examine the supply chain in a very detailed way. As they account for tasks and individual activities. This ability to narrow their view allows them to see underperforming components and processes and identify bottlenecks. Dependencies are also revealed, and manufacturers now have the ability to enhance production processes and create alternative plans in an effort to avoid potential pitfalls.

    Streamlining Operations

    Operation is more efficient when companies use Big Data as it makes product customization more feasible when manufacturing is focused on production at scale and product customization is left to enterprises that serve the niche market. It didn’t make sense to make an effort and spend a lot of time to appeal to a small group of customers.  All this has been changing since big data analytics makes it possible to accurately predict the customized product demand, by detecting customer behavior, manufacturers are getting more lead time, and capitalizing on the opportunity to provide customized products almost as good as they produce goods at a greater scale. The innovative capabilities include analysis and visualization of customer feedback in a shorter time by product engineers.

    Big Data is giving manufacturers the tools they need to do a deep dive into processes when they identify points in the production process where profits can be increased by inserting custom processes by using in-house capabilities or reduce and postpone production, enabling partners to execute customization before the manufacturing process has ended. The ability to postpone production makes manufacturing more flexible and they are now manufacturing based on order requests. Plant efficiency is improved as the manufacturing process is streamlined and manufacturers can now maintain efficiency and perform customization

    If you are wondering where to start and the thought of using data and employing data scientists, data analysts, data collection, big data , machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, business intelligence and more of these modern terms are causing you to feel lost in cyber space. You can simply contact Nextbee.


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