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Data Analytics tools in Manufacturing

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Big data analytics are now extremely essential for the growth and development of successful manufacturing enterprises they are no longer just “nice to have’ in a world where innovation is constantly changing the way things are done.

    If companies don’t improve efficiency by generating insights that will allow big data to provide a competitive edge for them to be successful in this highly competitive environment, their businesses will not survive. Finding holistic solutions that seamlessly manage and integrate processes, can help them to optimize inventory management, procurement, stock replenishment, forecasting, fulfilling supply chain and other very important functions so they can always be on top of their game. Having a competitive advantage through data analytics is always beneficial.

    To achieve the edge over others in the competitive space, many manufacturers are using Data Analytics tools. Let’s look at some of them and how they can help you.

    Data mining tools– Data discovery tools will allow many manufacturers to get well-needed information. Success depends on being able to access information quickly in manufacturing so the right decisions can be made for supply chain and production.

    Data Mapping Tools – These tools are used when manufacturers need to understand how information flows through systems, supply chains, and processes when manufacturers need to be informed. Manufacturers are also able to identify leakage and risk, dependencies and potential bottlenecks.

    Data Analysis – Manufacturers get insights when patterns are identified business analytics, the impact is measured and outcomes are predicted. The analysis of equipment failures, supply chain deficiencies, production bottlenecks and other problems that are faced in factories are minimized as data analysis assists with better decision making.

    Data Visualization – A picture of analytics results with unmatched clarity when visualization tools are used. The user-friendly grafts and specific charts assist manufacturers to easily understand what the data is saying so they can make the needed adjustments.

    Data monitoring – the quality of data is very important, as manufacturers need to ensure compliance with the standard of data quality to oversee their equipment’s performance so that production processes efficiency can be reviewed. Quality assurance processes can be monitored by these tools.

    The manufacturers use these primary tools to put Big Data to work; the development of these tools help manufacturers to maximize machine performance, streamline the supply chain, generate efficiency and productivity gains, and optimize production.

    Manufacturers are now accessing the tools they need to improve operations, increase profits, leverage data strategic value and strengthen relationships with employees, partners, suppliers, and customers. Now is the time to get data management and integration tools and use them in the best way to improve the productivity in your enterprise. It is getting harder for companies to compete in a data driven environment. Don’t get left behind, when you can be growing your manufacturing business in the best possible way.

    Are you a manufacturer looking to improve operations? Or do you want to increase productivity? You are in the right place, we at NextBee make use of the right Business Analytics tools to help you in the process. Let’s connect today!