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  • According to recent research, many tools can build buzz, drive customer engagement, and allow complete control overseeing what’s working and what’s not. 

    These tools can most certainly work better after combining with activities that bring everything from new business. It increases brand awareness and drives customer retention and loyalty. 

    Even with great tools like those which NextBee can offer, it still begs the question, “What are some ideas which can best engage customers?” Below, we outline proven ideas – and then discuss why each customer engagement strategy works. 

    Deliver Consistently Excellent Customer Service

    Customer service is important to note that every contact you have with a customer influences whether they’ll return to you. Customer engagement is driven by superb customer service.

    Each interaction plays a crucial role in helping customers develop functional relationships with a brand – a key component for engagement to sustain.

    Offer Customers an Experience

    Every customer should feel important. Customer engagement and customer experiences are ultimately linkable; you cannot have one without the other. Nothing delights a customer more than attaching a personal feel to the customer experience. 

    For instance, if a customer buys from you for the first time, send them out a personal message and perhaps another one on their customer anniversary.

    Additionally, make sure customer service agents are empowered to be “human” and relatable when handling customer queries and complaints. 

    It is part of what made Zappos an excellent company; they first put the customer to deliver precisely what they needed and how they needed it. 

    Involve, Interact, and Influence

    The first activity is for you. You must start with these four goals: involvement, interaction, connection, and influence. You involve your customers in the process through every communication channel, from email to survey to social. 

    Doing so leads to interaction and involvement and builds a level of connection similar to that of a good friend. When these targets are made possible, you reinforce advocacy, loyalty, and long-term engagement towards your business. 

    Engaged Employees = Engaged Customers

    Don’t employ people for their high-pressure sales skills. Instead, choose team members who are friendly, enthusiastic, and genuinely passionate, making it easier to build a rapport. Every staff member must play a part in building customer engagement. 

    Use an employee engagement platform to engage employees by giving them kudos from teammates and bosses. Ultimately, they can refer to reliable candidates to the company.

    Give rewards to them for successful completion of training, and you can retain the most engaged employees in no time. All of which will lead to a more substantial and more positive impact on your customers. 

    Let your customers behave as Brand Advocates

    Traditionally, companies were trusting their most loyal customers to be their brand advocates. Success comes from different aspects of customer engagement, allowing them to share this positive experience with the outside world. 

    It can transform customers into brand advocates and has two advantages: it engages new customers and increases engagement levels among existing ones. Motivates your customers to make this change by providing them with opportunities and incentives.

    Personalize to Engage Customers

    Indeed we can have various opportunities for personalization, from geo-located to mobile exclusives offers to and more. Personalization strives the best to increase sales by 19% and also drive up customer engagement. 

    A study reveals that most consumers like it when brands send them personalize messaging and offers. Make a note that delivering messages to your customers to their interests and needs is a requirement, not an add-on. 

    Plan a Customer Journey

    Nowadays, customers can easily navigate a social media stream, a retailer’s website, smartphone app, bricks, and mortar stores seamlessly and expect the brand to keep up. 

    Use this to your advantage with custom engagement apps that follow and focus on the complete customer journey – only then can you create the connected experience they expect and deserve. 

    Final Thoughts

    This quick guide has covered a brief overview of features, ideas, and tools that NextBee offers for its Engagement Platforms, but it just scratches the surface of what our company of developers can do. 

    One added feature and ability that may not be conveyed easily with this guide is that NextBee‘s entire team is dedicated to providing the best in customer service and works tirelessly to ensure your company’s success. 

    From day one, we work with the best engagement practices you need to incorporate to drive greater engagement and garner a more substantial ROI. 


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