Top Customer Engagement Strategies to Follow in 2023
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  • Going through any of the brand’s site will make it apparent that when customers are engaged more and made to feel valued, they want to tell others about their experiences. 

    They will happily create some form of user-generated content such as reviews, social posts, videos, etc. It makes your marketing more relevant, noteworthy, and more relatable to other potential customers. 

    We’ll look at real-time examples of customer engagement platforms that create user-generated content the right way. And we’ll even cover common mistakes to avoid as you develop your customer engagement strategy. 

    So, to make sure you’re on the path to success, three main feature sets need to be considered when you’re looking to set up a customer engagement system

    1) Customer Reward Programs, Promotions, & Challenges – 

    Contextually targeted offers, promotions, and challenges sustain alongside customer engagement avenues. It includes a mobile-optimized platform, easy-to-use widgets, and interactive dashboards. 

    Dynamic widgets can serve special offers and promotions (e.g., “Double” rewards) on purchases and renewals in a natural way. 

    Further, you can use configurable challenges such as slideshow/video viewings, app downloads, etc. For bonus points to boost certain areas where split A/B testing of messages, placements, and interfaces have shown you’ll have the most engagement ever. 

    2) Contextual & Targeted:

    The tracking of purchases, visits, and page activities should be a seamless one. The consumer isn’t aware that the engagement program is looking for anything else that would statistically benefit the consumer. 

    A good customer engagement strategy includes offering suggestions to customers as a service. It helps remind the consumer of accessories they need but may have overlooked. 

    Brands can deliver natural offerings or promotions through overlays, iFrames, and dedicated landing pages, all of which can be analyzed for engagement to ensure working and what’s not. 

    Having this data allows you to streamline revenue opportunities and provide a more valuable experience for the end-user, one they are likely to tell others about it.  

    3) Auto Responders:

    A/B testing is vital to know what’s working for the customers and what isn’t. You can use autoresponders to help perform this testing by segmenting and engaging users at various points in their customer lifecycle (i.e., Active Advocates, Elite/High Spending Users, At-Risk User, etc.). 

    Examples of auto-responder engagements for the users mentioned above would be sending auto-triggered reminders, point/rewards statements, and tracking viral email and SMS campaigns using the platform’s trackable content. 

    Now that you know what Smart Offer features you need to have in place for your Customer engagement Platform, you can implement them and integrate them into your POS, any apps you have, etc. It will allow you to start pulling in data and adjusting your efforts. 

    4) Customer Engagement Gamification Solutions: 

    Gamification is an online marketing technique to apply typical game playing elements (e.g., competition with others, point scoring, rules) to more activity areas to increase engagement with a product or service.

    First, analyze what things you want to make sure gamification works? What kind of rewards, features, and activities do you need to make sure your gamification platform has? 

    The primary thing you need to do is to pick rewards that will excite to customers and will attract them enough to keep coming back for more, making it the prefect repeat customer engagement solution.

    5) Analytics: 

    If you don’t know where you are, how can you know where you’re going? 

    Analytics are vital for any consumer engagement platform to succeed. And a business lacking in analytics is a guaranteed way to drain out effort, time, and money. 

    There are several ways to use analytics in customer engagement. It is not very clear that is why we have a dedicated account manager to work with every client. 

    We ensure that each client understands the basics of tagging and segmentation. Especially, why or how we use data, and how to use that to upsell end-users to drive more revenue


    So far, we have covered how a properly structured engagement platform will spark users to generate content. And different information you need to take that user-generated content and power your marketing strategies. 

    We’ve had enlisted the best practices you need to incorporate for greater engagement. It boosts and garners substantially good user-generated content. 

    Contact NextBee to know how a customer engagement platform will spark users to generate leads. 

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