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How to Follow An Agile, Responsive, and Resourceful Implementation Process
  • We at NextBee, having been in this space for a decade, believe that it is the most flexible and robust engagement platform available. We can easily integrate with nearly every system available, the best practices to get you started and the support to see you to success. 

    Below, we’re going to discuss planning, common integrations, questions to consider before integrating, and other implementation details. 

    We hope to give you the basic information you need to launch your engagement program but realize this can’t answer everything, please reach out with questions! 


    When it comes to implementation, there really can be nearly endless amount of questions coming from pretty much everyone involved, and some questions are more important than others. While there are some definite questions you need to be able to answer before you begin, it’s not necessary to get everything answered. Instead, we have found that some of our most successful programs have been ones where we launch in phases. Our team works hand in hand with yours to define features, deliverables, timelines and who owns which part of the process. Developing an engagement program should be an exciting and fun process, not another burden which is why we use our decade of experience to make the process easy and seamless. 


    If you’re like most companies who find themselves starting a program, your biggest concern is probably centered around controlling so much data that’s in so many places, making sure it all talks to each other and that it’s safe. 

    Typical client questions usually include variations of.

    How are the earned rewards communicated back to our CRM (Magneto, SalesForce, etc.) so customers can use them with online purchases? Does NextBee integrate completely with X CRM so that promotions are set up? If not, would I be given an electronic file of the earned rewards and then be responsible for creating them in our CRM? ” 

    The simple quick answer to these is that NextBee can completely & seamlessly integrate with the majority of CRM softwares (see below for a list of the most common ones). And we work with every client to set up everything and continue to assist as the program keeps moving forward. 

    This allows for the client to have very little extra effort or resources for integration and implementation. 

    One of the first parts of implementation is for us to consult with your company and nail down what your most important program goals are. Once we know what information our clients need, we can then quickly start laying out phase one of the program’s structure and integration. Common questions include: 

    • Why will people participate in the program? (Motivation, Incentives, etc.) 
    • What activities will the user be rewarded for and what do you need to be reported? (Referrals, Shares, etc.) 
    • Why do you need the reports? (tracking rewards for accounting, etc.) 
    • Who will be driving engagement and who needs reports? (Sales, Marketing, Accounting, etc.) 
    • Who needs access to the data? (tiered data, compliance needs, etc.) 
    • And finally; How do they plan to use the data for rewarding or motivating users? (i.e., How are they going to keep the program ‘alive’?) 


    Program development and integration comes from ensuring that an open line of communication exists between our teams and the client’s teams. Each client is assigned a Senior Project Manager (SPM) and the SPM becomes the primary point of access who can quickly answer or triage any questions or needs. 

    Now that we’ve covered some of the general implementation processes, let’s dive a bit deeper into integration by looking at an example of a more common integration.


    SalesForce Store NextBee Store 

    Referrer Contact Information 

    Associated Sales Rep 

    Rewards Received 

    Referee Lead 



    Create a new ‘Contact,’ ‘Personal Account’ or custom object ‘Referrer’ (optionally, assign it to Sales Rep through SF workflow) and persist this record ID information in NextBee ‘s system. Each referrer record in NextBee has a unique SF ID and this ID is used for tracking.

    Referrer profile along with SF record ID 

    Referral Invites 

    Invite Open/Click Data 

    Referrer Reward Points 

    Reward Preferences 

    Referrer Registers Referee Submits 


    Contract Closes 

    Referrer Claims Reward 

    Based on (referrer) URL 

    NextBee server will parameter (which has the query* each night the referrer’s SF ID passed by leads (and associated NextBee) set a cookie on converted opportunity user’s browser and when records) with on- the lead is submitted pass this value as a hidden field in your lead form. Similarly, for a telephone call-in lead, if a user is referred by a particular referrer, then enter referrer’s SF ID in the lead record, empty referrer value (optionally within a specific campaign) and issue referrer either waiting for credits (for lead submission) and approved credits for closed opportunities 

    When a referrer receives credit points or redeems a reward, NextBee collects tax forms and referrer reward details to referrer’s record in SF. Optionally, each activity of the referrer (sending emails or sharing social posts can be posted to SF records). It is also possible to give ad-hoc credit to a referrer and NextBee’s system can pull in this data to give the referrer bonus points Referrer 


    • Work Division 

    – Client Team 

    • a. Create custom fields and custom objects in SF 
    • b. Give NextBee team access to the Enterprise WSDL 
    • c. White list NextBee QA team IP address to review data 

    – Next Bee Team 

    • Query SF data and map that to NextBee data objects with custom data parser matching client’s SF data schema 
    • Process NextBee data objects 
    • Post back data to SF 
    • If admin interface within SaleForce is desired then option to install a connected app within SalesForce 

    *By default NextBee polls the data every night for updates but it’s possible to install code in your Salesforce org to trigger POST calls to NextBee endpoints on record updates. 


    Here at NextBee, our team of skilled professionals have a wealth of experience integrating various engagement efforts (employee referral programs, gamification programs, B2B referral programs, etc.) into the common, and not so common, management software systems. Here is a partial list of integration options. 

    Common Customer CRM Integrations List 

    HubSpot NetHunt Salesforce Company

    Hub Less Annoying OnePage Freshsales 

    C2CRM Pipedrive Nutshell PipelineDeals 

    Zendesk Sell Copper noCRM.io Nimble bpm’ online

     Salesflare Membrane Affinity 

    Relationship Intelligence Zoho CRM 

    Common Employee Software Integrations List 

    Gusto Connecteam Workday Oracle:

    Peoplesoft Kissflow Bullhorn Litmos 

    15five Halogen Employee Navigator 

    Common Partner CRM Integrations List 

    Allbound PRM Reviews ChannelCandy Impartner PRM channel Zift Solutions ChannelKonnect ZINFI ChannelValue Magentrix PRM Convey Portal Salesforce Partner EcoSoft 4.0 

    Relationship Mgmt. LeadMethod PRM Elioplus PRM Channeltivity Gorilla Corporation NetSuite CRM+ Partner IBM Partner PartnerStack LogicBay Relationship Mgmt. Engagement Mgr Mindmatrix Perks WW Enterprise IBM B2B Collaboration Partnerize Partner Engagement Engine® (E3) 

    Mgmt. Platform (PMP) Oracle Partner PRMDeals Workspan Scales PartnerPath Shuttle PartnerPortal StructuredWeb TUNE (formerly HasOffers) TapFwd Agentcis Trak.io BasisPoint Webinfinity Blueroads 


    Creating any engagement program is a great way to create a community, build brand advocacy, and create long term loyalty for employees, partners, and customers. Integrating into your current systems makes the process even easier and more readily adopted by users, staff, and management. 

    NextBee’s staff of developers and account managers will work hand in hand with you to integrate our AI-Powered Community Engagement Platform and get you up and running with industry best practices quickly. 

    NextBee has 10 years of experience helping companies create and integrate full engagement programs that create loyalty, generate referrals and grow your brand’s ambassadors.