Customer Engagement Strategy And Its Importance In The Growth Of Your Business
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  • In particular, Customer engagement is a difficult term to define, even more, difficult to measure. Yes, it is a buzz word these days for all, irrespective of the size of the business.

    Though few industries need to know more about customer engagement, how it is measured, how to retain the customers, and conquer over the strategy. 

    With so many different answers for the queries, why don’t we have a detailed overview of the actual customer engagement strategy?

    Lets us start with it. Taking different perspectives in mind, People describe “customer engagement” differently. To be specific, ‘Customer engagement’ is a term that is used to signify the interactions between your customers and your brand. These interactions that you qualify as an engagement form a vital part of the growth of the business. 

    With high-performing Customer Engagement, ongoing interactions between a company and its customers about the services offered by the company become smooth. The ultimate goal of the strategy is to encourage customers to involve themselves in the growth of the brand. 

    Meanwhile, when you allow customers to choose the way they want to engage with you, it will reveal the type of interaction that they want to have. In this way, we can strengthen customers’ emotional investment in a business. 

    Customer engagement strategies should vary based on what your business offers and who your customers are. Following are some of the tactics customer’s engagement that can help in growing a business-

    Run Referral Campaigns

    It is best to run referral campaigns as people are fond of getting something back for their engagement. It is advised to send out rewards and incentives to keep consumers actively involved with you.

    That can be done with the help of social media platforms as well as emails. Assemble and craft the program with the requests for referrals, and you will achieve a better-engaged process for your business.

    Role of NextBee to set-up referral campaigns

    NextBee offers a world-class high performing customer engagement platform that helps to gain information about your customer base. It helps to target your communication with your customers with the purpose of increasing sales.

    NextBee offers key features with robust functionality in a software that is unbeatable in comparison to other traditional solutions because:

    • It allows freedom to brands to design and implement multiple campaigns at a single time
    • Seeing your buyer’s purchasing habits, you can design customized offers and schemes exclusively for them
    • It does not restrict the admin of the software to control and run the user’s profile
    Setup a Community

    The foremost engagement tool that most businesses implement ought to carry out for building a community. As the recent study reveals, a consumer engages and stay loyal to a brand when he is under community and feel a sense of bonding. 

    Likewise, many of the companies, connect talented professionals from over the world with various opportunities. Usually, the Slack channel boosts engagement – this indicates their involvement with the brand.

    Share Testimonials

    Certainly, new consumers will only involve with you only if they get to know the good stories of your brand. Also, customers just don’t want to hear from you, but also want to know how your services are helping people.

    Sharing testimonials can add value to your business, it can be done as a story of a customer’s happy experience. It ensures that your audience knows how contented your customers are with you. 

    Leverage social media platforms

    Undoubtedly, social media have a huge impact on how brands interact with customers and brand presence in the market. These platforms have become a way to drive traffic and retaining consumers.

    This makes it necessary to reward customers who are posting genuine reviews on a social forum. And most importantly they have become the channel of instant communication whenever needed.

    Figuring out a plan

    Customer engagement requires both an emotional connection with your trade, and easy and frictionless ways to act as a bond. While you plan to reward customers, it is necessary that you understand the customer’s desires and what will make them happier.

    Also, you need to reward in a way that does not seem to be the same every time. That means you need to privilege your customers with a variety of rewards so that it does not appear to be monotonous. 


    If you are looking at long term engagement, use gamification to thrill your users’ community. Usually, gamification is a great tool if you have briefly understood the rules of the program.

    By properly analyzing your program’s goals and the desired factors to achieve behind them, you can use gamification to improve your purchase rate. You can enhance the program enrolment rate, and develop better brand advocates that will take your brand or service to the next level.

    By using contests, offering entertainment, and social rewards, your program can go to reach heights of success- all it takes is a little gamification.

    Final Words

    At NextBee, we help you understand your customers and build an engagement program for a specific customer segment. We feel pleased to help you develop a quality program with robust customer service.

    One can gain information about the customer base which will help to target communication with customers to increase sales. 

    Let us give you a demo about how to use the best customer engagement tactics and yield the growth of the business!

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