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Employee Incentive Ideas That Are Effective and Cheap

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Employee retention is slowly becoming more and more difficult, as people nowadays have a wide range of choices and incentives to move to a different company. In such a scenario, it can be a challenge to retain your best employees.

    At NextBee, we work hard to ensure there is an effective rewards program in place to boost workforce performance every fiscal quarter. We will help you design an employee loyalty program that is innovative and offers tailored solutions unique to your brand.

    Here are some groundbreaking rewards ideas that will help you reduce attrition in your company, as well as develop a holistic and inclusive work environment that encourages your employees to do their best for the company.

    1. Company branded gear

    What could be more of a win-win than some cool gear that not only makes your employees’ lives easier but also reminds them that you care for them? While designing company specific products to give as rewards to your workers, make sure you do not compromise on quality, as this may result in reflecting badly on your brand.

    2.Team building practices

    There is nothing more effective in inspiring strong bonds between your employees than by creating rewards that are more group based than the individual. There are several ways to do it. Happy hours offer employees a way to connect with each other over and above company related bonds. For exceptional performances, you can reward the group with a paid company trip to a tourist destination. NextBee will help you figure out how to boost performance via recognizing your employees’ achievements and rewarding them appropriately.

    3. Gym membership

    One of the most cost-effective methods of boosting employee well being and loyalty is providing a free gym membership at the company. You can collaborate with a local gym, or simply use some office space to build a gym there. This strategy will work wonders in boosting employee retention and helping your workers take care of their health and well being without even leaving the office.

    4. Massages and Treatments

    If a lot of the work in your company involves desk related activity, it can be a great strategy to offer onsite massages to employees to help them relax and rejuvenate without leaving the office. It’s a great way of letting your employees know that you care about their health and it will also help you reduce attrition due to health problems.

    5. Personal and professional development

    Self-help workshop or courses for your employees can be of great help in learning new skills. It is a great way of introducing variety in the everyday routine of your workers, as well as helping them polish their skills. It is an effective method of boosting employee performance. You can introduce an office library too, or organize seminars and conferences. This will help the people in your company meet new individuals and gain more information.

    At NextBee, we work hard to boost networking at the workplace to increase referral hires.