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  • What is Employee Engagement? Why is Employee Engagement important? Should you have an Employee Engagement Platform? If so, what will it do for you?

    According to Forbes, “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. This emotional commitment means engaged employees actually care about their work and their company.”

    Workforce engagement is expected to see a slight rise of a percentage or two this year.

    Why is that? Turns out there are several factors. Let’s look at some of them:


    Millennials are taking over the employee sector with the latest numbers from 2017 showing a rise to 35%. They have begun to replace baby-boomers / retiring employees and are securing new positions. This means that companies will need to ensure they tailor their employee engagement strategies to suit the current workforce and the upcoming generation of new graduates. This means a positive work culture, a sense of working for causes and a strong goal-oriented culture that keeps constantly moving.

    Compassionate Leadership

    The saying is that, “People quit bosses, not jobs.”

    And the saying seems to be accurate. As mentioned above, the modern workforce needs leaders who work with a team vs. those who command a team. Leaders who get the work done by setting strong goals but take the time to nurture and cultivate the team by engaging them more not only with training, but also ways to contribute to the company and feel valued for doing so.

    Employee Feedback

    Employees who are allowed to give feedback to a company without fear of any repercussions feel valued. They have a “buy in” for the company and its vision. Additionally, employees who can not only give but also receive regular feedback on their work are found to be willingly work harder and provide better results than those who didn’t receive feedback. Constructive feedback will almost always be viewed as a way to improve and will likely motivate employees to focus on their strengths while correcting their weaknesses.

    Blending Life and Work

    As you can probably tell by now, a balance between life and work is important to today’s workforce. The age of making employees choose one or the other is all but gone. Better employee engagement practices are allowing the blending of the two by allowing more flexible schedules, working from home and the like are being shown to generate significant results.

    People Analytics

    People Analytics is the collection of data on work efficiency, turnovers, etc. and the effect these items have on customer relationships. The data can point to weak spots and help strengthen those. It also is a good way to keep tabs on employee behaviors and initiate positive changes which in turn can increase engagement.

    Employee Focused Technology

    Human Resources has begun incorporating social media platforms, networking channels, and feedback apps to better drive employee engagement. Regular check-ins using these tools, in areas where employees have easy access such as mobile apps, can provide report data allowing for quick, nearly real time, adjustments to current and future strategies.

    So, there you have it. We’ve defined what Employee Engagement is, why Employee Engagement is important (it drives and maintains high levels of productivity & increases employee retention all because of a higher “buy in” from employees), why you should have an Employee Engagement Platform (see previous point) and finally what will it do for you and your company (also previous point).

    2018 was a year of rapid changes and it brought a large selection of tools before employers and giving them a great opportunity to improve businesses like never before. But, it also brought to light just how many variables there are and made it essential to work with a team who can make things work for your organization. A team with nearly a decade of experience and who actively monitors and adapts to meet employee engagement trends.

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