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  • It is rightly said, ‘success starts with proper engagement.’ It is likely to see the improvement as you increase valuable interactions with customers. 

    Along with that, partners drive more sales, employees create stronger collaborations, quickly see a better ROI, build deeper loyalty, create higher customer satisfaction levels, and so much more. 

    We at NextBee strive to transform incentive programs into complete community engagement engines. Also, our clients have seen the proven results from using our cutting edge solutions. 

    Meanwhile, we need to understand that you need to overcome the three things that plague incentive programs for any of this to work. You need to know what these three items are, how to beat them, and what to do to drive engagement not only now but for years to come.

    Let’s dive into smarter ways of engagement, understanding what they are and how to overcome them.

    Incentives Become Discounts 

    Indeed, discount programs help engage users since they help people keep more of their money. Although 96% of the population uses coupons, it’s not the only way to engage users. 

    True, we regularly meet with companies that are worried that it is. They will have a huge added expense for discounts or rewards and then the cost of fulfillment. 

    Let’s break some of this down and explore it.

    – Overhead: 

    Applying smart forecasting and data planning, based on research and current data vs. “gut feelings,” we help companies with planning for not only what rewards to pick but understanding potential fulfillment overhead. 

    Clients need to remember if they have a million users, they’re not going to have a million rewards or even zero rewards, but instead, there will be a “sweet spot” of engagement and rewards. 

    Also, as we use analytics and find micro-patterns, it will become apparent who is motivated by a hard reward and motivated by a soft reward. 

    – Rewards: 

    There are two types of rewards, hard rewards, and soft rewards. Rewards are kudos, social spotlights badges, whereas other rewards are gift cards, cash cards, electronics, etc. 

    It is advisable to start with a mix of hard and soft rewards and limiting the options to four to five. 

    Moreover, for the near limitless rewards we help offer and fulfill, there’s no markup, and the only standard variables are for physical products.

    – Fulfillment: 

    Concern for customers is fulfillment and management. 

    With NextBee, we manage the entire process from the beginning, and our Admin Dashboard allows for complete program reporting and awareness and automatic fulfillment for rewards. So, there’s no added impact to a company’s infrastructure. 

    – Apathy:

    Apathy doesn’t mean that the program user doesn’t like what they’re getting from you or your company in general. Instead, apathy is when your users are not excited about your brand. 

    Apathetic customers and employees are more than willing to move to a competing brand if the offer is better. and the negatives of switching are low enough. 

    Loyalty and apathy are not compatible. People can’t stay loyal to your business if they are apathetic, indifferent, or disengaged from your company. 

    Customers who feel like your product, service, or company are easily replaceable are not the kind of customers you need.

    Nor do you want employees who feel they can get a similar or better environment with another company. Nipping apathy in the bud can help you build a better reputation for your business with customers and employees. It leads to stronger partnership ties with critical accounts. 

    You can turn apathy around with a personalized engagement strategy since 16% of churn comes from weak relationships. Importing information such as anniversaries (personal, work, and customer), birthdays, etc., and having steady interactions with users creates a healthy bond. 

    Microwave Culture

    Microwave culture is a “mindset of wanting (and nearly getting) everything right now.” Technology has made receiving & sending data and information extremely fast. We are now dependent on everything in life that should be available on demand. 

    Realizing this, NextBee has invested time and energy to find out the best technological practices. It will allow brands to get quickly to deliver profitable results to the platform users. 

    Using our rich experience and research, we’ve compiled hundreds of activities and widgets. When we develop a program with a client, we conduct usability tests to gauge engagement. Then we can work with our clients to start nudging behaviors immediately. 

    Part of it accomplishes through micro-patterning, collecting data to create “profiles” of average users—the broader program audiences without engaging every user and getting every point of data from them. 

    Instead, we use these “intuitive profiles” and pattern matching to segment users. Our robust analytics tweak engagement that brings the overall bigger picture into focus. It will allow quicker, stronger, and more immediate user engagement and gratification. 

    An engagement platform is one that closes the loop between design, interaction, and results. It gives you the ability to customize your engagement strategies to sustain engagement and optimize results on the fly.

    The result is more sales, more vital collaboration, better ROI, and higher user satisfaction. 

    How NEXTBEE help brands generate engagement?

    Using a robust platform, like NextBee’s can proactively monitor user activity to get a snapshot of their perfect engagement.

    You can look for trends and automatically connect with them regularly. Place system engagement activities that trigger rapid automatic movements in case of a sudden decrease in interaction.  


    NextBee makes sure you are on the right track to creating a program that’s virtually guaranteed to succeed. Our engagement programs come with a dedicated account manager. A trusted ally who can help you organize, develop, and implement a complete community engagement strategy. 

    On our platform, brands can run best practices that will make their program successful. It allows you to maximize your marketing efforts, drive engagements, and experience tangible results.

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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