Functions and Benefits of a Good Referral Marketing Solution
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  • With the advancement of technology, companies, and individual business ventures opt for software to implement their referral marketing programs. 

    The main benefit of using any referral marketing solution is that it allows business owners to launch referral marketing at the most minimal pricing. 

     In this way, you may easily customize a variety of software programs. You have to check an appropriate referral marketing solution falling under your business/company requirements and sign up to create your free account to test the respective platform to work further.

    Functions of a Referral Marketing Program at a Glance

    • Provides customer referrals, according to which the software allows customers to refer friends and obtaining bonuses based on valid referrals.
    • It helps in employee referrals, as it creates custom programs to use by employees for referring your offered services and thereby obtain bonuses.
    • Referral marketing solution finds new agents daily at the most affordable rate. In this way, you will get the opportunity to boost your sales team over the internet and allow them to earn an additional amount on each of the new sales they obtain.
    • Finally, any software program lets you create outstanding B2B relations while you setup partner programs or affiliates with referrals.

    How NextBee’s Referral Marketing-based Software solution is beneficial for brands?

    The platform has many benefits that are good to operate by businesses of all sizes. They can easily create relevant customer and employee-centric programs to support their business model.

    Some of those are mentioned below:

    • Offers Varieties of Options related to Referral Action

    Referral marketing solution or suite boasts varieties of options related to referral marketing, whether it is sharing by the help of social media, referral rewards delivered on the purchase or click, email referrals, call to action, or post-purchase referrals.

    The software allows you to operate multiple referral campaigns based on varying audiences and activities to deal with different goals. 

    • Tracks Share Activity of Customers

    Referral marketing program or its dashboard lets you track the status of share activity of every customer. In this way, as a business owner, you may get details on advocates sending new customers and identify those advocates. In this way, you may nurture shoppers to boost conversion and acquisition rates.  

    • Features Omni-channel and Robust Functionality to Increase Participation

    Referral marketing solution incorporates a variety of features to facilitate omnichannel yet robust functionalities for your business.

    These include offline to online support, online to online support, offline to offline support with the help of e-receipts, receipt codes, referral solicitation on an in-store basis, email lookup, QR codes, and various others.

    Each of the features mentioned above ensures your referral programs’ broader reach. Hence, it gives you the required level of convenience for your customers. 

    • Offers Highly Responsive and Mobile Adaptive Solutions

    Efficient referral marketing programs come as completely mobile adaptive, and highly responsive. Hence, if you have the app, it takes a few easy steps to launch it using your iOS, or Android platform.  

    • Unified Platform to incorporate Referral Marketing in Loyalty Program

    The referral marketing program features a unified platform consisting of advocate marketing and customer loyalty solutions. It helps to align marketing plans in your existing loyalty program. Or else, couple it up with the help of any other type of advocate marketing program. 

    • Provides inbuilt A/B Testing Ability 

    This marketing solution offers you an inbuilt type of A/B testing ability. It let you assure about providing an excellent referral program in almost every possible way. Whether it involves a call to action or referral rewards. 

    • Delivers Powerful as well as Actionable Data

    Referral marketing solution offers actionable data, ROI, share and data status, influencers, generated revenue, profitable referral channels, and socio plus demographics of various customers. 

    To conclude, NextBee’s referral marketing solution provides a pool of customized yet innovative features to let your business receive the required data with minimum possible efforts. 

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