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5 Reasons why Employees come back to Previous Employer
  • A survey was conducted by the Workplace Trends, in which nearly half of the millennials who were surveyed were of the opinion that they would think about rejoining their former employer. This figure clearly indicates the rising career trend of the boomerang employees.

    If we take into consideration the hiring process, around 76% of the HR professionals were of the opinion that they look forward to accepting more of the boomerang employees today than in the past. Also, the boomerang employees are considered to be of great value to any organization and play a vital role in its growth and development. One of the major reasons that account for boomerang hiring is their acquaintance with the organization’s culture and work environment. Also, these employees have served other organizations for quite some years and thus have direct business value.

    There are various reasons that lead to organization shift for the employees. These reasons can range from the cultural fits to the professional development along with the better job prospects that account for career changes for an employee. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about the reasons to take into account for coming back to the former employer.

    1. You no more doubt the assumptions like what if. There are people who leave an organization because they do not want any kind of assumptions troubling them somewhere in their minds. They want to see how it feels working with other organizations. They think that their business insight or sharpness has amplified and they can see what it’s like working with other company. Some of these employees usually return to their former employees just because of the people and work. This is because what matters to them is doing what they like with their most liked people around.

    2. You come across the Job opportunities in your former organization that was not there before. For instance, being a former intern, you might have to leave once your internship ended due to the nonavailability of the full-time position. You might have come across the same position you are working within your former company and look forward to joining it back.

    3. You miss the openness and long-term relationship with your former employer. You might feel nervous calling your ex-employer back and showing interest in joining them back thinking about what response you are going to get. But you soon feel at ease when you realize that you are welcomed by your former organization.

    4. You want to get back to the people and the culture of your former organization. There are employees who leave with an aim to work with other company and then return after a few months’ time, with one of the reasons that they greatly missed the culture and their coworkers. When you work for a company, its people become a family. The ex-employees realize the importance of their former organization and then look for ways to return to their previous organization.

    5. You want to continue doing the work you were earlier doing. When you leave an organization, you are eager to know how it will be working in another company. But soon after a few months time, you start missing your earlier job, the people you used to interact with, your client dealings etc.

    Eventually, if boomeranging appears sensible depends on an individual and the circumstances. It is always recommended that the employees must always stay in constant touch with their former coworkers and associates because you never can make out where they might take you.

    To maintain a good term with your former employees, implement a Corporate Alumni Engagement Program in your business ecosystem. Feel free to get in touch with NextBee for further inquiry.