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  • Why you should have Doors Open for the Boomerang Employees?
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    It has not been that long when, in the world of business, the employees used to quit their jobs and move on to follow new opportunities. This generally pointed out to the fact that they had to dissolve the relationships with their former employers. The resignations, despite the good terms, were not different from the tongue-tied breakups. And returning to work or rejoining the previous employer together was something that was not heard of.


    But today is the time when more organizations are not taking things personally and they have a different perspective for the ex-employees. They now, take these former employees as a part of the company’s future, rather than sticking to the things of past. They are accepting the notion of hiring back the boomerang employees. They show more interest towards the people who previously quit their organization on great terms to grab the new opportunities, but later on, made up their minds to return to the former company.


    So, keeping the door open for the leaving employees indicates a great change in the attitude of many employers, but this change is really required at this point in time. It rather has been found that approximately 9 out of 10 hiring decision makers showed interest to rehire a former employee who earlier quit the job and was on good terms.


    When an esteemed worker departs

    When your staff members make up his or her mind to move on, whether it is for some good opportunity, retirement, for individual reasons, or it is something else, and they depart on an optimistic note, ensure that you, being an employer:

    • Make them realize that this adieu is not going to last forever. Bring to the leaving employee’s notice that you happily will rehire them whenever they wish to return. Tell them that you will love to have him on board in the future.


    • Tell them that you can act as a reference for them. Helping them to move ahead by demonstrating their good performances do leave a lifelong impression on them. And if due to any reasons they do not return to your company, they are more likely to refer brilliant people they are familiar with to you.


    • Keep in touch with them. You can do this by staying in contact on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn which is a great podium to be associated with your existing as well as former employees. Try to reach out to them directly sometimes in a year through an email, to know how they’re doing, and keep them updated on the company’s news every now and then.


    When a former employee chooses to return

    • If a boomerang employee shows interest to rejoin your company, don’t waver to get in touch with his present employer to know the reason for his coming back, just as you do with the other interested candidates. Also, there can be the other part of the story besides the professional front that makes him or her decision to come back to your organization.


    • You must have a formal interview and the onboarding process while hiring a boomerang employee even if the former employee is returning in just a year’s time. This is because, during this year, things might have changed in your company. For instance, you might have new things, objectives, and policies in place. The former employee might require some training if you some new technology has been implemented in the company since he or she left.


    • Make the other team members aware of the fact that you might rehire a former employee. This leaves your employees with a happy feeling that their company shows the willingness to rehire an employee who left the company at some point in time. Provide your employees with the opportunity to come up with any concerns, and spare some time out of your busy schedule to talk to them about how this rehiring can be beneficial for the company and the team.


    Though this is not always possible that the leaving employee returns to his former company but there are some employees to reconsider their decision, more than ever when they are realized that they are welcomed by their former employers. So, it is essential to keep the doors open for boomerang employees and prevent the skilled talent from leaving the company.

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