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7 Captivating Employee Engagement Ideas for 2019
employee engagement
  • The think tanks of Deloitte are already abuzz with the wide possibilities that employee engagement present before them. But before we jump into the line with them, let’s get to know the term first. Defining the employee engagement is a tough job with the multiple meanings that theorists give for being engaged.

    Two terms – ‘proactive’ and ‘passionate’ can help us sum up the core concepts of employee engagement. It is when they become valuable to the company as an employee and absorb the goals and missions in all sense. Though these can’t be quantified, you’ll know when you see it. Then, it is necessary to take a step to create more of the same. Take a look at the below trends for future reference:

    • Workforce engagement is expected to see a slight rise

    The latest of Employee engagement polls show no high variation from the older ones. The employee engagement levels of Canadian employee in America stay at 31%, while it was 29% in 2011. But, theorists expect a rise of a percentage or two this year.

    • Millennials make their presence noticeable

    Millennial-burns are taking over the employee sector with the numbers rising to a 35% in 2017. They have replaced retired employees or secured a new position more than the older generations. The industries will now need to tailor their employee engagement strategies to suits the new generation graduates. A positive work culture, working for causes and goal oriented moving is what they need.

    • Need for a compassionate leader

    The people who quit work usually are protesting against their bosses. An attitude management of the bosses is necessary for this new era. They need to appear more compassionate to the employee and work with them rather than stride over. One who is empathetic to his employees can actually get them to engage more with the company.  

    • More employee feedback more often

    The employees who receive regular feedbacks on their work are found to be willingly striving to give better than those who didn’t. Constructive feedback will be viewed as a way to improve their personality. It motivates them to focus on the strengths and correct the weaknesses.

    • Blending life and work

    The motto so far has been to balance between life and work, making employees choose one or the other in crucial situations. Experts now advocate blending the two for better employee engagement. Timings are now flexible and more work being done from home, bringing in significant results.

    • People Analytics as a branch

    People Analytics will be a section in workspaces, collecting data on work efficiency, turnovers and the effect of man-force in customer relationships. The data can point to the weak points and help strengthen those. It is also good to keep tabs on employee behaviors to bring in changes that increase engagement.

    • Technology to focus on the employee

    Every 5 to 7 years, the HR industry revitalizes itself. This time they are incorporating social media platforms, networking channels, and feedback apps to better the employee engagement. Regular check-ins using these tools will provide annual reports in detail with correction strategies. 2018 has been a year of rapid changes which has brought a large selection of tools before employers. Know that now is the time to improve businesses like never before.

    It is thus essential that you see how to make things work for your organization work with these employee engagement trends. You can also get in touch with NextBee to see how things turn into your favor your.