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    Testimonials help in converting readers into customers. Patient Testimonials are social proof that is vital in today’s world for acquiring more patients.

    Potential Internet-savvy customers are always carefully seeking additional information before setting an appointment with a healthcare provider. They look for the reviews and ratings your brand has received from previous patients and as they do so they begin to build up trust before they’ve even met anyone in person. In fact, a study from Nielsen found that positive reviews, testimonials and good ratings to be the most trusted form of information about a brand or product.

    With all of that in mind, it’s obvious that getting good testimonials is essential for a healthcare practice to succeed in this competitive market.

    Proven Methods for Getting Testimonials and Reviews:


        1. Getting Video Testimonials

    Video testimonials are considered to be super reliable and authentic.  Various studies show that patients or potential customers trust the validity of video testimonials because they are more difficult to fabricate than a written review.

    Make the process of getting video testimonials easy for your patients and valuable for you. Try to do a mini-interview by asking some questions which you can then use.

    For example:

    • How did you hear about our practice?
    • What made you choose our practice?
    • How was your experience with our treatment, staff, and overall care?
    • What impressed you the most about our treatments?
    • Would you come back again for additional treatments in the future?
    • Would you recommend our practice to your friends and family?
    • Why do you like us?

    Video testimonials solidify your current and future patient’s good feelings about their experience with your practice. Simply ask the questions and record while the patients are delivering the answers to the questions and then the answers can be compiled together and synchronized to form a brief testimonial of your brand.


        2. Build up a Process to Get Reviews

    You currently have a process where your healthcare staff collects the patient names, contact details, addresses, and other information when they come into your facility. A similar process can be used to get reviews. All you need to do is train your staff to proactively ask for a testimonial once the treatment is completed. Assuming you provided a good treatment and have taken proper care of your patients, they will express their delight regarding the results. And, that’s the perfect time to get testimonials/reviews from these satisfied and happy patients.

    Once you receive a testimonial, utilize it as a powerful marketing tool doing so will give your future patients the social proof needed to select you.


        3. Send Gifts and Reward

    One of the best ways to get testimonials without requesting the patients is to send gifts and thanking them for choosing you. Patients love this extra gesture and in response, they will thank you and say nice things about you and your overall practice. This strategy works well in most cases. To make this process effective just keep providing quality service to all your patients and ensure they are treated well. 


        4. Host an Event

    Host an event where you can express your appreciation to your patients. Use this event to reward your most loyal patients, those who have been associated with your brand for years and offer thank you door prizes, create spaces to capture interview clips (which you can use as mentioned above) but also see if you can get photos and written testimonials which when paired work really well too.


        5. Network on Social Media

    Social Media is an excellent platform to ask for reviews or testimonials. Connect with your patients on social media and message them from time to time. Provide information on the latest developments in your practice. Offer them rewards and create an interest amongst them with lucrative offers. Using this process, you may also tactfully ask for a positive review of your brand. If you have a Facebook or LinkedIn page created for your healthcare business, share the link with them. Facebook business pages have a review option where visitors can directly leave reviews.


    So, to sum up, use a proactive approach and cultivate a culture that gathers testimonials from happy patients. Doing so can garner you lots of good reviews then use these testimonials to market your medical practice. This free marketing technique is a great opportunity to make your prospective patients believe that you’re the right choice for their health care needs.


    To revamp your marketing approach and build up a solid credibility, contact NextBee and implement a quality Patient Loyalty Program in your business’ ecosystem. For nearly a decade, NextBee has been developing top-notch Patient Loyalty Programs that perfect for any business’ needs. Our tool is embedded with high-end features that include integrated social actions, a easy to use review & rating system, analytics & reports, and much more.

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