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    According to HR experts, companies are aware of the fact that today’s workers are likely to job-hop to get the career they desire. This lack of long-term loyalty means that companies need to fight for obtaining and retaining talent. The good news is that there are various ways to make the employees stay with your company.

    Recognizing and rewarding employees is considered to be one of the most effective ways to keep talented workers and it also has the added benefit of providing more financial stability for the company.

    Taking all that into consideration, let’s talk about the top 5 benefits employees want when they’re part of an employee rewards system.


    The 5 Top Benefits and Perks Wanted by Your Employees:



    Though your business may rely on equipment or software, it is the employees that make the company run and their emotional well-being plays a major role in their productivity. It has been shown that the workers who are acknowledged and are satisfied with the efforts they put in are content, have better relationships with their co-workers, and invite constructive feedback. This results in increased business productivity, a sense of worth and thereby retains the employees longer.



    The millennial generation in the workforce is on the rise and because of this, companies must have a plan for acknowledgment via social recognition platforms. Whereas in the past this might not have been something a company would have considered, it’s completely suitable for today’s workers since we all live in the era of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Employees of today like and possibly crave immediate feedback when they’re appreciated and want to share it with their friends. Companies who embrace social recognition end up building solid long-term relationships with this group of employees and greater brand awareness through the use of shareable social acknowledgments.


    Training and Professional Development

    In today’s culture, there are various reasons which prompt employees to work with a company other than just monetary benefits. One of the greatest retention methods is helping them progress in their careers through training and professional development. It provides them the opportunity to learn new skills, beat new challenges, and develop a skill set and professional growth level that provides them with a sense of value and pride.



    Employees of today are constantly working to juggle their various commitments and obligations in their personal life with those of their work. Surveys have shown that employees are willing to stay with a company when they have time flexibility and are permitted to work remotely when needed to balance everything. This perk alone is always near the top for making employees happy and for building employee loyalty.


    Extra Perks/Rewards (Gift Cards and other Stylish Stuff)

    While salaries and compensation need to be competitive for employees, today they also look forward to more than just their pay to really feel valued. So, providing them with a range of rewards like gift cards, free lunch, tablets etc. are things which employees look forward to earning and interestingly enough, these kinds of rewards are shown to make them feel more contented than anything else.


    An organization’s financial strength greatly depends upon the employee’s engagement. To keep the employees happy and engaged, give them what they look for; exceptional rewards and a recognition program which makes them feel valued.

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