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  • 6 Essential Steps to Build a Company Alumni Program
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    For every company, regardless of its size, building a company alumni program has become a necessity. It is the need of the time to direct and actively administer the program. If any organization still does not have one in place, they must look forward to building one on a priority.


    Create a Personal Online Networking Platform

    Building a personal online networking platform exclusively for your company alumni does wonder. If you feel that your organization lacks the resources to put up its own, you can take into account using SAP’s vigorous platforms. You can also create a Private Facebook Group and this will greatly help due to the reason that most of your alumni are most likely to be present on Facebook.


    Post on a Regular basis in the Online Group

    If you are on Private Facebook Group, ask your alumni group members to publish stories, ask questions, and host events. It is helpful to turn on the consent controls, and support most of the posts.


    Post company Updates

    Posting about new jobs and organization positions are likely to get you results. Also, give a try offering the equivalent or half bonus to your existing employees when they recruit the alumni. This will drastically lower your recruiting costs.

    Also, if any of the alumni members attain something, make sure you post their achievement along with their picture.


    Professional Development

    Bringing forward the alumni versions of your company training sessions is helpful in building an alumni program. If you already have a usual online training session in place, why not bring a company alumni version as well? Bring it on and see the results it gets you! If you are not in favor of hosting a webinar or video, recording the presentation can help. Post this video on your online platform and see what it gets you!

    Create a SlideShare channel exclusively for your alumni group and keep on posting education and industry relevant presentations there. You can also cross-post them into your online group to get more reach and alumni engagement.


    Send your Alumni the Newsletter Email

    Include your corporate alumni to your organization’s email marketing campaign program. Form an “alumni version” of your e-mails and make sure these are sent to the alumni only. Along with this, add an invitation or guide them to join your online group in every email you send.


    Use Snail Mail

    If you find that your corporate alumni group has less than a hundred members and you are sure to possess their accurate contact information, make use of use regular mail one time or two times a year with right information. Also, sending birthday or anniversary cards to your former employees can help you form a great alumni network. Also, make sure you send them a congratulations note whenever you come across about former employees’ accomplishments. So, putting these things in a mail greatly matters.


    In today’s age, the young and the old employees both wish to build careers. Indeed, most of the people switch companies with 4 or 5 careers with diverse functions and industries before they think of retiring. The people who you have with you right now are an asset. So, it is an organization’s corporate alumni advocacy program that acts as a building block for your sustainable business.

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