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  • Patient Loyalty is Important for Plastic Surgery Treatments – Find Out Why
  • To be more precise on patient loyalty, a survey has been conducted across America. The participants were asked about the factors or things that affect their preference for plastic surgery specialists and treatment amenities and if they were happy with their overall treatment. It was found that there are 3 factors that drive patient loyalty and put forward the insights for the surgeons and any brand name that gives face-to-face service. Also, the need for hospital loyalty program was realized. These factors include:



    A hell lot of money is generally spent each year on various types of advertising. But it has been found that in the healthcare domain, advertising does not play a great part in building loyalty. So, the question is what makes people find and decide on the plastic surgeons? It is the word of mouth that matters. When enquired about the top three choices they prefer, they were of the view that made their decision on the basis of the information they gathered from friends (66%), other physicians (87%), and patient rating sites and reviews (50%).


    Advertising, does have its role but the people’s opinion about the quality of health services you offer and your brand matters more. So, it’s the reputation of the healthcare facility that holds importance to the patients.




    The patients were asked to grade the factors they take into account when looking out for any treatment facility. It was surprising to find that Reputation (72%) again won the battle. Also, the people elected the interest of the health service provider towards the patient’s issue (60%) as the second imperative factor, whipping location (59%) and the ease of getting the appointment quickly (53%).


    From this, it is clear that when it is about the health issues, patients are more likely to make out that the physician and the hospital have the requisite expertise. Thus, the people are more interested to ensure that they fall in good hands as to them capability is critical. The Healthcare organizations, therefore, must comprehend the vibrant factors that drive apparent expertise.




    When the patients were asked about the leading three elements they take into account when evaluating the significance of the treatment they accept, ‰it was the ”Time spent with a physician” (47%) that gained the top position followed by the physician’s communication (46%) and listening skills (44%). The patients are ready to wait, but they surely evaluate how the doctors spend their time with them and if their visit holds any value to them.




    Thus, with various healthcare changes being introduced, it is vital for the physicians or surgeons to completely understand the value of the patient. With the help of an online patient opinion community, what patients recognize as value can certainly be explored.patient loyalty programIncorporating healthcare loyalty Program can bring prospects for the hospitals as well as for the patients. It can help create loyalty around the additional services you provide. And when carried out appropriately and efficiently, your plastic surgery loyalty program can see as much as 35% rise in business. For a fresh implementation of a patient loyalty program for the plastic surgery vertical, feel free to contact NextBee.

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