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  • 5 Ways Healthcare Companies Can Build Patient Loyalty for the Plastic Surgery Department
  • Loyalty Programs have become a part of most of the businesses today. But, these are somewhat new in the healthcare industry. As the call to improve Patient Loyalty rises, there is an increase in the number of hospitals that are discovering ways to set up loyalty programs for patients in their facilities.


    Patient Loyalty Program



    Let’s check out various ways to build Patient Loyalty for the Plastic Surgery treatments



    1. VIP Benefits in the form of Loyalty Programs

    These programs reward patients for their enduring association with your hospital with some specific “VIP” benefits. Some of these benefits comprise of free parking, discounts at the gift shop or in the on-site pharmacy.



    1. Engage them in Free Social Events

    To turn your loyalty program into a distinctive loyalty program, you can include free social events to it. These are the kinds of the programs that enable the patients to be present at stimulating social events, like parties or mixers conducted at the hospital, etc., to foster loyalty. These programs make the patients feel valuable and thus encourage patient loyalty.



    1. Bring them Free Health Screenings

    These programs involve giving the patients entrée to helpful resources that can help to improve their health. For instance, free health seminars for the patients who are keen to learn things. The facility may also bring complimentary health screenings for the patients who are members of their loyalty program.



    1. Assortment of Local Perks

    There are certain hospitals that have managed to bring into play the patient retention strategies by fetching their patients an assortment of local perks. For example, hospitals couple with the local restaurants or other businesses and get discounts and other benefits to the patients. They are even provided free parking vouchers, free meals much more depending upon the level of loyalty of the patient.



    1. Build a Digital Engagement Platform

    Without the right tools at hand, implementing hospital loyalty programs can be resource-intensive. So, incorporating a digital patient engagement podium can help the facilities automate these processes and makes them simple to use on a daily basis.





    There are numerous benefits that turn the patient loyalty programs into a wise investment for the plastic surgery departments. These include – Improved Patient Engagement, Patient Retention, Increased Referrals, Better ROI, and many more.


    So, it is quite evident that patient loyalty programs hold a great significance for the healthcare industry as well besides other areas. You can consider many proactive and reliable approaches and make subsequent efforts to successfully put up patient loyalty and work on patient retention. Call NextBee at 800-547-1618 for more details.



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