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  • How to Launch a Successful Patient Loyalty Program
  • Clients are the backbone of any business. To drive repeat customers, organizations distinguish significant clients and give key motivating forces to keep them returning. The Patient Loyalty program is gaining immense popularity in the healthcare industry. If you are operating in the healthcare domain, then the launch of a successful loyalty plan can fulfill your business goals. Thus, it is crucial to be precise and perfect in implementing a solution which is aligned with your business requirements.


    create patient loyalty program



    Let’s discuss the steps of launching a loyalty program especially for plastic surgery department of Healthcare vertical.



    • Training – Training is the key to start a successful loyalty program. The employees of your company must know all the tactics of engaging patients those who are looking for a treatment for plastic surgery. They can encourage signups or conduct a survey on how likely they are to refer your service to friends. This survey question will help your company gauge customer satisfaction. Also, consider rewarding the employees who get the most responses in a month or run a contest that makes the process fun.



    • Marketing – Marketing campaigns are another important aspect of an implementation plan. Make your target audience aware of the loyalty program that you are providing to the patients. Schedule posts on social media or other marketing forums for a widespread reach of the offerings. Email Marketing, Contests and other strategies would work well at the initial stages.



    • Patient Education – Once you have launched the patient loyalty program, now your main goal shifts to customer education. It’s all about creating a buzz, generating excitement and getting customers to sign up. There are many ways you can encourage signups, some of them is offering an incentive, gifts, or free service. Mention your loyalty program at every touch points and reward customers for referring a friend.



    • Patient Segmentation – Targeting specific customer segments comes into picture when your patient loyalty program for plastic surgery treatment is in full flow. These are customers that visit your business most often. It’s crucial to identify VIP customers so that you can keep them happy. It can create a great impact on other untouched customer segments. Rewarding loyalty is a great way to keep customer satisfaction profound and keep customers coming back again and again.



    • Regaining Lost Patients – You should not ignore the lost patients as well. After months of the launch of the patience loyalty, you’ll be able to identify customers that you have lost or who haven’t stopped by in a while. They are also important to your business. You never know when they can change mind and turn towards you after seeing a lucrative reward. Always try to give them a reason to come back.



    • Progress Evaluation and Program Optimization – Evaluate the overall progress and optimize your Loyalty program in accordance with the needs. This will enable you to be on your toes and do not lag behind from the competitors. Review the success of your loyalty program. Evaluate how each campaign did, how customers reacted, and the effects it had on ROI. After the evaluation process, you may want to adjust your reward structure. Make a note of the KPIs that increase your revenue and grow your business. All these data will provide deeper customer insights and help you make better decisions.





    An effective and successful loyalty program proves to be a part of your brand identity. It’s paramount to grow your business and stay a step ahead of competitors. Rewarding a patient is a powerful way to drive revenue. Since plastic surgery is a delicate domain; you must take proper care of your patients which will eventually be beneficial for the plastic surgeons and your healthcare business.


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