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  • Mobile Apps are Generating More Revenue Than Ever Before
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    In the “Age of Customers” more and more people are becoming severely dependent on their mobile devices as their primary device of selection. Corporations who are doing business with their consumers are getting a competitive advantage by implementing mobile applications in their business model. Thus it has become crucial for officers to design mobile strategies for their business. This strategy should include cloud based features that will enable to extend mobile storage capacities, handle customer identities, and also help connect with third party services through API gateways, and so on.

    Kurt Marko, analyst at MarkoInsights, commented on the importance of mobile applications and the advantages that it has to offer. Read on to learn more about the several benefits mobile can offer for businesses, and understand the comment of Marko, “go mobile or get left behind.”

    This generation is highly dependent on smart phones and it is imperative for businesses to offer their customers mobile services. This means that mobile services should cover both internal and as well as external customer activities. Research has shown that mobility is helping in delivering much more for businesses with formal firm mobile strategies. Companies with less defined mobile strategies have generated only 30% revenue compared to 75% new revenue generated by businesses with a solid mobile strategy.

    A well designed, cohesive approach can change the business game for any company, but an incoherent plan might do the exact opposite and can be disadvantageous for the company. Research has shown that for advanced mobile enterprises have reported an 84% increase in productivity through mobile apps, 75% reported on new revenue channels over the last year, and 79% have been able to measure ROI versus the 58% of overall respondents. Other measurable advantages have been noted over the last year as 53% were able to increase their client base with new customers along with enhancing customer services, 50% have been able to amplify their products with the potential offered by mobiles, and so on. (Research findings credited to Unisys)

    Companies have found that an average user spends more time on mobile apps rather than mobile web. Thus, mobile apps have the potential to increase engagement and also enhance productivity. Research has shown that people find engaging with native apps more rewarding than surfing through mobile web. Mobilizing your business processes will not only help in increasing the productivity of your employees, and more revenues from your consumers. And there are plenty of reasons for that: firstly apps provide a more user friendly interface and cleaner features set, location awareness, using sensors and cameras, and also offline access. These are some of the major reasons why most consumers are shifting towards mobile applications based businesses, and the number keeps rising with every passing year.


    Being available on mobile devices is now viewed by consumers as a level of benchmark, missing which might lead you to lose business and your customers. Mobile also helps in outbound marketing, specific ad targeting, providing a fuller and better customer experience. Then comes the integration of various social media platforms, and social media sharing which helps to extend your brand name among your consumers’ circles.

    Mobile as we can understand now provides a definitive competitive advantage, notwithstanding the target. The availability and use of comprehensive application analytics and instrumentation which most of the knowledgeable mobile developers implement into their apps,  provides very valuable customer data that when looked through can be incorporated to design new products, new features in the app, act on customer feedback and improve. It will help you in mining all the information that wouldn’t have been available to you through any other medium.

    Not only do NextBee’s mobile apps increase customer engagement by providing 360 degree engagement through virtual sharing on all social networks, but they also let you develop interesting, creative contests that your users can access and participate in from their mobile devices. Imagine being able to track user activity and assign reward points accordingly. That is possible with NextBee’s mobile apps for customer engagement programs.

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