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  • In a recent press release, NextBee introduced its remarkable expertise in developing mobile apps for customer engagement programs for small, medium, and large businesses, revealing how a customer-oriented approach and by leveraging the social media potential create multi-channel touchpoints.

    The touchpoints generate value for companies by developing interactions with customers. It gives businesses multiple opportunities for increasing customer engagement. The idea is to build stronger, more personal relationships with customers. 

    The press release has received considerable attention since it got published. The reasons:
    • It gives businesses multiple reasons why they should use custom mobile apps
    • The press release outlines features of NextBee mobile apps that drive customer engagement effectively

    NextBee’s customer engagement programs are based on PACE methodology. It lays down principles for creating a Personal, Adaptive, Controlled, and Exciting plan.

    The abbreviation is self-explanatory and divulges the secret to engaging your customers as four basic features a marketing program must exhibit. NextBee’s marketing programs do just that, in the best way possible.

    What Makes It Important for Business to Use Mobile Apps for Heightening Customer Engagement?

    That’s an important question just in case you wonder if mobile apps will do any good for your business. Social media has matured, and it continues to thrill people around the world. The smartphone sale has surged over the past few years and is expected only to grow. 

    The figures say that more than 225 million US residents use smartphones actively to keep in touch with their friends, family, and professional connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social sites. These are the social giants; there are plenty of others as well. 

    A recent report tells that *US residents spend 37 minutes on social media daily, networking, conversing, and buying products. You might ask where that draws a relationship between mobile apps and significantly heightened customer engagement. 

    Well, you will be surprised to know that of the total social media time, *around 60% of the time is being spent on smartphones, tablets, and phablets. The mobility and functionality that smartphones offer have made them a more popular choice for web browsing and surfing than laptops or desktops. Indeed a lot has changed in recent years.


    Engaging your users becomes relatively easy if you offer them exciting information and initiate activities that encourage more user action, such as a gamification program through interesting games that users would love to share with friends and family and include them along.

    Geo-targeting makes capturing customers’ attention further easy. It spots those close to the store and sending them exciting offers on products. As a result, your program stays exciting all the time.

    There’s a lot more one can do with smartphones. Customers engage in diverse activities; they shop, read the news, and play games besides networking. 

    Now that you know what your customers take particular interest in, you can deliver exciting offers, messages, and customized notifications directly upon their smartphones through Push Notifications. 

    Your customers won’t even have to visit your website time and again to see what the latest you have to offer. Businesses have doubled and even increased their sales manifolds through them. Integrated social widgets let customers spread your words quickly, with ease. It has cut down another barrier in communication.

    Mobile Apps

    NextBee’s mobile apps increase customer engagement by providing 360-degree engagement. It also develops engaging contests that your users can access and participate in their mobile phones.

    Imagine being able to track user activity and assign reward points accordingly. That is possible with NextBee’s mobile apps for customer engagement programs. Leaderboards motivate participants to compete with other program users and perform better. 

    NextBee’s detailed insights measure how much your updates and contest link have been shared to give you a better understanding of what works best with your followers. Options to drive constant traffic to your social profile or website are almost endless with NextBee mobile apps for customer engagement programs.

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