Notable and Noteworthy Articles on Rewards Programs
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  • A rewards program is a form of a loyalty program that offers customers certain benefits for their buying behavior. 

    It is a growing trend since the 1990s, which has proven to acquire new customers for a much less cost than traditional methods. Traditional rewards also don’t seem to work anymore with new-age customers. Value-added offers aggressively draw buyers’ attention. 

    At Tibco, you can find help in interconnecting all of your channels, strategies, and market research data that will drive your business to generate higher ROI. They also have a great blog that shares insights into current market trends and loyalty programs’ future.

    The first article that we will look into is convenient for this time of the year. Festive season calls for huge festive rewards to attract customers and convert them into loyal lifetime customers. 

    Essentialities about the rewards program

    Rewards personalization remains essential throughout the year and becomes even more critical during this time of the year. Also, keeping a flexible loyalty program for your busy customers will enhance the overall customer experience.

    This article points out the dated strategy of rewarding points to your customers, which ultimately doesn’t hold value. In today’s day, customers have become more strategic about spending money, expecting value-added rewards. 

    This article summarizes what to avoid when you are planning your rewards program strategy. Having a value-added flexible rewards program would encourage consumer engagement and positively influence their buying behavior.

    This next article is a short read but is an informative and interesting one. Focusing on both offline and online customer engagement is extremely important to earn profitable returns. Rewarding customer experience is as important as recognizing and then rewarding that experience. 

    This article uses some examples to demonstrate the new age customers expecting from a brand, and what kind of loyalty programs eventually bring success. 

    Personalize rewards

    Personalized thank you gifts to your most loyal and profitable customers will bring the highest ROI. This article again stands out to me because of its vivid descriptions and pointwise explanation. 

    It explains the six elements that turn any loyalty program into a success. Campaigns and promotions are a thing of the past when it comes to improving brand loyalty. 

    Serving rewarding experiences is all that matters to the new-age customers. Some of the top companies take their consumers’ feedback to improve and grow their business with a customer loyalty program that is loved by their client base.

    This post gives real-life examples and their case studies to provide insights into a working and successful rewards program. It will help your research strategize a successful loyalty program, and you can take cues from some of the leading brands to develop your customized loyalty program.  

    This post will give you all the knowledge and the inspiration for creating a program that will drive business and engage your customers.

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