Why choose B2B gamification software to get ahead of your competition?
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  • Gamification can turn the tedious aspects of life into fun by adding badges, points systems, and other characteristics. It is often used for making some less-than-interesting business aspects more entertaining and engaging for employees and clients.

    Gamification is on-trend and is going to scale upwards in the future. B2B gamification software not only helps to engage customers but also is a great way to provide business insights and train employees. Gamification in the business sense offers various incentives for action:

    • Help us do things that we may not normally do
    • Make doing things a more rewarding experience for us

    According to Ashish Mohole, CEO of NextBee,

    “Gamification solution recognizes and rewards the eligible customers for achieving certain actions, rewarding top performers and changing customer behavior. NextBee’s robust gamification programs motivate customer’s participation, which keeps them engaged with your business.”

    Gamification improves sales productivity

    Gamification is one of the best ways to train sales representatives to attain the benchmark that you have set for your business. 

    CRM protocols can also be included because measurable goals make it easier to implement a game. According to the Salesforce blog, Bob Marsh says that creating a leaderboard is an excellent way to engage novice salespeople. It helps the sales reps cultivate the culture of open communications and learn from each other.  


    Implementing a captivating game on your website will help engage and attract customers and reward them for certain persisting behaviors. Community message boards also enable users to ask and clarify each others’ queries.


    It is always a good idea to reward your users for using a platform to play games. Scoring the highest points or beating everyone else’s top scores can be rewarded with points and gifts. Customers can also be rewarded with early access to white papers or other contents, or even coupons with discounted rates.

    Determine the reward

    An excellent place to start with any gamification campaign is by determining the benefits and rewards. The crucial part of deciding rewards is to assess the meaningfulness of the customers. 

    That depends on the services you provide and can vary from gift cards to smartphones, or it can even be just rewarding status in a community.

    Here is a shortlist of possible rewards:

    • ProductsBadges
    • Badges for things like community status, for example, by gifting the high scorers with the title of “expert”
    • Gift Cards
    • VIP status at events
    • One-on-one time with executives
    • Early access to content

    What is crucial here is to find out what kind of reward will best drive gamification participation. Research has found that good game design is more important than the prizes in productivity games. You want the users to be engaged in playing the game. If the game needs an unlock code for the next challenge, all players must receive it, not just the high scorers, for example.

    How can NextBee help you achieve your goals?

    Gamification solutions from NextBee will help you design strategies with the market leaders by attracting your customers through brand affinity and loyalty activities. 

    Customer satisfaction is more important for any business to flourish. By nurturing aptly, it will increase your customers’ lifetime value. 

    Leaderboards can be incorporated through our B2B gamification software which will encourage a customer to reach higher levels for prizes and rewards. Some of our key features include:

    • Automated Program: New tasks assigned to customers in an automated system to manage a seamless gamified platform
    • Users First: Your users’ expectations kept at the core of your marketing strategy to keep them satisfied
    • Interactive Platform: Customers should receive more reasons to smile by offering them a robust interactive platform
    • Attractive Campaign: Maintaining freshness of your marketing campaigns is crucial to keep your customer engaged

    Bring joy to your customers with attractive gamification solutions by implementing our B2B gamification software. It can also serve as a new gamified marketing approach to expand your business to newer horizons. 

    Offering unique gamification features increases your customers’ brand engagement for generating new sales channels for growing your business. 

    NextBee’s platform offers you different features to design unique and striking gamification solutions for your marketing requirements. Our smart tools of B2B gamification software are handy on various platforms to boost your customers’ engagement. 

    Gamification Structure:

    • Create engaging gamified tasks for loyalty
    • Build a relationship with customers by keeping them happy
    • Delight your customers with new tasks
    • Prepare quality gamified engagement activities

    Tiered Reward Structure:

    • Offer better rewards for customers at higher levels
    • Keep your customers engaged in a tiered structure
    • Boost overall brand affinity activities
    • Improve engagement activities

     Activity Builder:

    • Create contests, polls, quizzes, and many more
    • Creating attractive activities to boost customer experience
    • Encourage customers to participate with rewardsgamified activities

    Advanced Tracking:

    • Track important KPIs and their performances
    • Keep your program features under control
    • Customer activity report to understand their behavior
    • Avoid misuse and illegal activities to maintain the program’s integrityanalytics

    Plug-and-play tools:

    • The select program features according to your individual business needs
    • Optimize your campaigns with various turnkey tools
    • Personalized campaigns as per customers’ expectations
    • Build your campaigns from the scratch

     If you are interested in finding out more about our B2B gamification software and how it will help your business flourish, you can contact us for a one-on-one demo session

    Gamification is the newest and most useful business strategy to earn reputation, brand affinity, and your customers’ loyalty. It will keep them engaged and attracted to your services for an extended period. 



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