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Reward Ideas for Brand Advocates

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Just because someone loves you selflessly does not mean you do not need to attend to them. Reason: Because negligence can diminish love and there’s no dearth of options.

    Brand advocates are humans – normal people who expect admiration and acknowledgment for the efforts they make.  Rewards pep them up, boost their energy and motivate them to perform better the next time. Rewarding them, therefore, is a necessity if you don’t want their interest to drop after a period of time. As a matter of fact, the entire struggle is about keeping brand advocates or customers engaged. I had tried to bring out the connection between brand advocates and customers in my last post.

    Customers love freedom. For the reason, we, at NextBee, give our clients a platform so robust they can build unlimited reward combinations.

    When your advocates can choose from a catalog of exciting rewards, they stay excited. Through our flexible rewards platform, we allow brands to offer almost any kind of reward – cash payouts, checks, electronic cards, cashbacks, and a lot more. In here, choice is the first reward.

    I understand the word ‘Reward’ generally sketches $ in your mind. Cash reward is undoubtedly a good motivator but not the biggest. Boost your brand advocates’ image socially and you will have earned their loyalty. Here are some of the rewards you can offer to keep your brand advocates performing:

    • ‘Thank You’ Notes: Simple ‘Thank You’ messages go a long way in developing loyalty. Send them such messages on phone or by email when they make a purchase.
    • Seek Opinion: Ask your advocates to submit their feedback and opinion. That’s one good way of showing you value them.
    • Sneak Peek: Offer sneak peek to upcoming products. It’s just like sharing your ideas and plans with a close buddy you confide in.
    • Dedicated Portal: Separate your brand advocates from customers by creating a separate portal for them. This could be a gateway to rewards, future goals, action plans, upcoming events, and more.
    • Tiered Rewards: A tiered rewards structure helps. Level up advocates. Offer them access to special rewards for performing continuously.
    • Perks: Your advocates are an integral part of your business. Make them feel a special part of you by offering perks: special discounts and offers on select brands and services.
    • Mentions: Mention their name on your social pages and newsletters. For instance, you can start something like ‘Advocate of the Week/Month’ in your newsletters or post an update mentioning ‘Best Performer of the Week’.

    Your brand advocates may already be performing well – sharing, referring and recommending adequately. By mixing up rewards, you can augment advocate activity and develop desired behavior. Share with us more reward ideas that you can think of.