How a NextBee-Designed Retail Loyalty Program Brings Value to Retail Stores
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  • Repeat customers, higher business turnover, and colossal website traffic: that would probably sum up why retailing tends to be lucrative throughout the world. Contrary to all the brighter aspects, not all is as easy as it seems. 

    Retaining customers is a tough job, and brands have struggled to maintain their customer base in the past, leaving alone customer acquisition, which becomes another challenge.

    Despite hardships, some brands have emerged as winners. Many resorted to a Retail Loyalty Program to boost their sales and keep their customers engaged throughout the customer-brand association. 

    Customers are happiest when they get the attention they deserve. Their expectations rise with the length of their association with a retailer, and rightfully so. A Retail Loyalty Program strengthens the bond between a retailer and its customers by offering frequent opportunities and often multiple ways to communicate and interact.

    Through smart auto-responders and using digital profile badges, a brand can easily understand its customers’ expectations and deliver them.

    NextBee, with its suite of highly effective loyalty features, offers retailers a robust solution built around a growing retailer’s needs. Retail brands can use the most advanced features, ranging from providing customers a choice in rewards, efficiently developing viral coupons, and creating deals based on customer segments.

    A robust rewards platform supports unlimited reward options – cash, digital badges, electronic gift cards, and physical items – and keeps customers happy. NextBee’s excellent rewards fulfillment support ensures retailers can automate rewards credit to customer accounts. 

    NextBee also emphasizes that a retail brand that values its customers strives to acknowledge the faith they put in. With NextBee’s Retail Loyalty Program, retailers can offer digital profile badges to show their participation level. They can also enroll their most valuable customers in a Premium Club to raise their status or automatically deliver special congratulatory and ‘Thank You’ messages upon purchasing.

    With the Level-Up Structure, NextBee engages customers continually in visiting, purchasing, and collecting reward points. Brand managers can focus on developing the most profitable activities with the Flexible Rule Configurator, which allows them to assign a different point value to separate activities. Retailers can also offer rewards points based on product category or brands, and direct customer purchase decision.

    And then, how can one ignore the impact of weekly contests and sweepstakes that generate tremendous customer interest! With NextBee’s flexible but robust features, retailers can easily create various contests that boost customer participation and sale before and during product launches.

    Nearly everything stays within the retailer’s scope of monitoring. Advanced Analytics tracks referrals, bonus points rewarded, purchases made, and every customer engagement detail. 

    Every client’s data is stored in individual silos, and only the client has access to it. Retail managers can pull detailed reports anytime to optimize the Retail Loyalty Program for better results.

    Here are a few more features that the Retail Loyalty Program comes with:

    • Single Sign-On facilitates easy to log on to the program
    • Integrated with Your CRM, Email Servers, and Order Management Systems
    • Custom Designs for Facebook and Twitter Pages
    • Analytics Dashboard Integrated with your In-House Tracking Systems
    • Scalable Infrastructure Backed with SLA
    • Dedicated Account Executive Throughout the Life Cycle of the Campaign


    NextBee also appoints an account manager to guide them throughout the integration process. Integration is easy and hardly requires any IT assistance from the client’s side. Since every retailer has different needs, the Retail Loyalty Program is wholly customized around individual retailers’ needs and bring success to your retail business. 

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