Best Loyalty Program Examples by Retail Stores
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  • On average, a business loses 10 to 25 percent of its customer base within the first year. Think about the time and money spent on attracting new customers, and a quarter of it is lost without meaningful impact every year.

    The solution to all such problems is Loyalty programs. There are many advantages to having a competent loyalty program: customer retention, a boost in revenues, and a personalized customer experience. 

    Loyalty programs also have the power to attract new customers. Additionally, a comprehensive loyalty program can turn your customers into your strongest advocates.

    There is no better way to learn than to observe what has worked in the industry. Here is our pick of the most novel loyalty programs by retail stores.

    1. Neiman Marcus Incircle

    The luxury department store has a tiered loyalty program. Based on their annual expenditure, customers get various perks. At the lowest level, you get invited to exclusive sales events. The Chairman’s circle offers in-store dining and salon services.

    The program works because it is all-inclusive. It encourages customers to spend more, and it provides personalized services like travel itineraries.

    At NextBee, we create similar marketing solutions that help your brand retain customers through targeted incentivization to help drive your revenue.

    2. Tarte

    Tarte has a refreshing take on the concept. The beauty brand rewards customers for connecting with their social media platforms and generating relevant brand content, like makeup tutorials and selfies. 

    New clients can get assistance in identifying their ideal product, and old customers can turn into brand advocates. 

    Tarte also has a fantastic referral program that rewards customers when they invite a friend to join the program. NextBee offers something similar – nurture your social media connections and boost organic growth via referrals. Our sharing tools help you turn your customers into brand advocates.

    3. TOMS

    The e-commerce retailer redefines the meaning of ‘groundbreaking’ when it comes to its loyalty program. The rewards system defies expectations – both in its design and effectiveness.

    The retail shoe brand appeals to the customers’ sense of responsibility towards the marginalized and creates a better living space for everyone on the planet. Shoe donations to the poor and sharing revenues with wildlife conservation societies help the brand connect to its user base.

    What is NextBee’s loyalty solution helping brands?

    NextBee’s Smart Analytics tool will help you identify the best possible strategy to appeal to your target base.

    Loyalty programs drive sales more sales. They create a deep understanding of your brand’s user base and strive to differentiate you from an oversaturated market. Increase the Customer Lifetime Value of existing users and attract new customers.

    How? We are here with a superb customer engagement platform that works according to your business requirements such as:

    • It is completely flexible and scalable
    • No need to add further extensions or plug-ins
    • Customize and personalize as per the buyer persona
    • The fully automated driven process with minimum glitches
    • Aligns with the company’s social media accounts to run specific campaigns in any zone of the world 

    NextBee is your one-stop solution shop for achieving custom-made solutions tailored to your needs. Our experienced team works relentlessly to design the most innovative programs that help your drive revenues, create a personalized relationship with your customers, and build your community of loyal users.

    Contact our professionals to book a free demo and get insights about the Loyalty Solution ideal for retail stores.

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