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Why should brands adapt to emerging mobile apps for social media networks?

  Facebook has become one of the most used social media platforms, however the important story here is a lot more nuanced, and it has huge implications for brands within the near future. There is a collective shortsightedness when it involves social media online. We have a tendency to typically date its serious arrival to […]

Feb 2, 2017

Mobile Apps for Your Social Connections 2017 Report

From the business perspective, one of the most promising markets is that of the niche that social media offers. While most of us were unaware, a new paradigm had been unfolding in the background. The buzz word of today is integration. Apps can get boring by just being there on their own. When apps are […]

Jan 26, 2017

Notable and Noteworthy Articles on Digital Marketing

  The marketing world is constantly evolving and the digital space is also changing constantly. From changing social media algorithms to consumer behavior digital marketing has made quite an impact. Any successful industrialist needs to cover everything from good content creation to social media and web behavior and also take care of the analytics to […]

Nov 26, 2016

Notable and Noteworthy Articles on Referral Marketing

Research after research has proved that referral marketing is one of the best forms of promotions when it comes to increasing the rate of conversions and sales. Referral marketing is also sometimes referred to as word of mouth marketing, which means basically when people buy products based out of any friends’ influence or opinion. This […]

Nov 21, 2016

Notable and Noteworthy Articles on Conversion Rate Optimization

  To gain a large percentage of visitors to your site and converting them into possible lifetime members/customers, or any other desired activity can be achieved through conversion rate optimization strategy. This is quickly gaining mass popularity as it enables you to increase ROI without spending much on advertisements. This process includes optimizing your landing […]

Nov 16, 2016

Notable and Noteworthy Articles on Word Of Mouth Marketing

  Word of mouth marketing is the best form of advertising, as it requires zero investment but it delivers more than anything else. This is because it is one of the most credible forms of marketing, because your customers put their reputations at stake every time they recommend your brand to someone. There are various […]

Nov 14, 2016

Notable and Noteworthy Articles on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a space that has been overtaken by businesses of all sizes today. It is the newest and the most dependable way of promoting, interacting, engaging, selling, and buying. It is also one of the ways to get your results delivered in a shorter period of time and with little investment. Adobe needs […]

Nov 3, 2016

Notable and Noteworthy Articles on B2B Marketing Solutions

With the internet being filled with a large number of content it is difficult for anybody to pick out something that is worthwhile. To find a genuine article, filled with all the information you need is a tough task. So, we have picked out this blog to make your entrepreneurship journey a little easier. Among […]

Nov 2, 2016

5 Best Kept Secrets of a Loyalty Program Success

From huge global companies to local boutiques, and every other business in between, customer loyalty is an integral part of marketing strategy. Bringing visitors back to your brand and converting them into lifelong clients is an important predictor of future success; brand new customers are both difficult and expensive to convert into loyal clients, and […]

Oct 27, 2016

How Different are Influencer Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing?

This is one of the most asked questions on forums and social media, and there’s none to be blamed for this confusion since both Influencer Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing drive the same results – raise sales figures. There’s bound to be muddle even though the idea is simply to promote the brand and […]

May 4, 2015