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Incentives for your Customers 2017 Report

We are all living in a new century! In today’s highly competitive industry, it can be a tough task to process a successful sale. Only being aggressive does not make the cut any longer. Having super sales skill set is not enough anymore to win the competition when so many new products and services are […]

Feb 1, 2017

Why is this a good time now to shift towards mobile applications designed specifically to meet your partnership needs?

  2016 marked an enormous growth in mobile, and thus, mobile marketing. Customers are continuously adapting to mobile devices and applications which in turn increases the opportunities of your business partners. Sophisticated technology and better data are shaping the digital partner marketing industry today. The growing dependence on mobile apps is chiefly to bring contractors, […]

Jan 26, 2017

Mobile Apps for Your Social Connections 2017 Report

From the business perspective, one of the most promising markets is that of the niche that social media offers. While most of us were unaware, a new paradigm had been unfolding in the background. The buzz word of today is integration. Apps can get boring by just being there on their own. When apps are […]

Jan 26, 2017

How can you keep your employees motivated with mobile applications?

  Effective and easy communication is the key factor that lies between your company and higher satisfaction amongst your employees. The best way to offer your employees an optimized working environment is by meeting their expectations on various levels. You will need to put in effort in order to realize their values and working style […]

Jan 26, 2017

Mobile Apps for Your Partners 2017 Report

Mobile has grown considerably in the past decade that it is now the leading digital platforms, making almost every individual dependent on it. From socializing to business growth everything has turned mobile with apps implementation on smartphones. Most companies are now opting to develop enterprise mobile applications for their customers, employees, business partners, contractors, and […]

Jan 25, 2017

What kinds of enterprise mobile applications do employees use today?

More and more enterprises are rushing to embrace mobile applications for every business purposes. For employees it is crucial for a company to keep them motivated and engaged, and at the same time increase productivity and efficiency. Enterprise mobile applications have proven to be the best tool till date to serve all purposes for employees […]

Jan 20, 2017

Mobile Apps for your employees report of 2016 and trends to look out for in 2017

Market Insights In the midst of the mobile generation, every other business is trying to have a competitive advantage by building apps. This report is based on different surveys carried out by different organizations on professionals from a varied work background like marketing, IT, finance, human resource, and so on. Enterprises have quite recently understood […]

Jan 20, 2017

What are the key features that brand managers should look into while implementing mobile apps targeted at customers to get the best ROI?

  With the rise of the digital economy, more resource and time is being spent on mobile application development. This has been the most prominent recent trend in the industrial circle and is predicted that by the end of 2017, the demand for mobile application development services in the market will grow at an incredible […]

Jan 20, 2017

How will mobile applications impact customer engagement and retention?

  Implementing mobile applications in your business strategy can be a risky move, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t rewarding. Most enterprises are going mobile, given the recent industry trends. It is one of the most effective ways to keep track on everything, and increase customer engagement and retention at the same time. Go […]

Jan 20, 2017

Why marketing managers should consider implementing mobile applications?

  Moving away from the traditional methods can sometimes be daunting, but rewarding at the same time. One such thing in the recent time for enterprises has been to go mobile. Not only has it been the most effective ways to keep everything and everyone on the loop, but also it has served to be […]

Jan 20, 2017
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