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  • Notable and Noteworthy Articles on B2B Gamification Program
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    Gamification is one of those emerging hot marketing areas, along with social media platforms and mobile. Gamification is not just effective in consumer marketing areas, but also for the B2B counterparts. Gamification is currently taking over the entire consumer market, but the significant effect of B2B gamification program on different industry and business sectors cannot be simply ignored. Hype is known for its innovative campaigns and software that led every client of theirs to success. Their innovative blog is rich in knowledge and you can get first hand information of different business insights from around the world.

    Today we will look into how B2B gamification program is changing customer and employee engagement all around the world. The first article that stood out is about how to use gamification to create viral content and attract visitors and eventually turn them into lifelong members. It is a short read on what to implement and innovate in order to increase traffic. This article has chosen Buzzfeed to illustrate the various requirements required to create viral content and increase traffic.

    Now we will learn about the three types of gamification to step up your workplace management and also to attract users. This article perfectly describes how to change boring mundane everyday objects into attractive ones. Gamifying a simple button will change the whole outlook of your website. Moreover it encourages motivation and engagement which is always a bonus for increasing your ROI. Product, marketing, and workplace gamification are equally important and each of these brings along its own positive result.

    This highly researched and illustrated article will inform you how to build a successful framework of gamification to enhance the results of the program. Participating in different activities, buying products, and everything else can be improved by implementing gamification at every step of your business model. Gamification can highly influence people’s overall behavior which can help to improve your present business scenario. Integrating gamification into your business program can help give a boost to innovation.

    Gamification is being used in every domain today, be it online or offline. Therefore the question arises now if integrating such a program will actually be advantageous or not. This article answers all such doubts and clears them once and for all. Graphical description allows you to study the results vividly, and therefore helps you get a real world idea. It will also help you get an insight on the future of such programs, and whether it brings any real value to your business.

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