University Peer Tutoring Helps Students Excel In Classes
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  • Peer tutoring offers an excellent way to help students improve their performance at their university. Peer tutors help fellow students find study strategies that work best for them. Receiving study help from someone in their same age group gives students confidence and is also a way to learn more about additional campus resources, guidance and similar assistance for managing their studies.

    Peer tutoring should be present in all universities. It increases performance across all subjects and disciplines, while also helping to develop crucial problem-solving abilities, along with leadership skills for the student-mentors.

    Peer tutors help students tackle the difficulties they face in and out of class and before exams and project deadlines. A regular scheduled peer tutoring session can be an important facilitator for learning, development and discipline in a student’s life. 

    Benefits of Peer Tutoring

    Using peer tutoring gives students increased self-esteem, confidence and motivation. Peer tutoring encourages students to ask for help when they need it, allowing them to benefit from the diverse experiences of their fellow classmates. This paves a way for students to understand what to study, when and even how – using strategies proven by their own peers to improve academic grades. 

    Peer tutors do not only act within study groups, but are there to support students in and out of the classroom. In doing so, they help to form the basis of a diverse professional network. One that will continue to benefit each student involved throughout the entirety of their careers. This makes peer tutoring essential to student success, during their time in college, and far beyond it as well.

    Key Elements of Success for Peer Mentoring:

      • Ensuring that the materials assigned and recommended in the course syllabus are well studied.
      • Extra in-class support from fellow students along with a focus on preparations for important exams and projects.
      • Introduction and support for diverse learning strategies that increase the effectiveness of studying and have applications far beyond school.

    Implementing Peer Tutoring in Your University

    Before implementing Peer Tutoring, universities and colleges must understand important requirements for success. As with any other teaching method, students need effective planning and thoughtful implementation of peer tutoring.

    Every campus is different, and the collegiate community will need to be involved with creating best practices. As student performance improves, and each student develops crucial problem-solving abilities, peer tutoring can be expanded throughout the university and all of its programs.

    Configurable software with built-in automation offers a handy tool when it comes to organizing, implementing and managing a peer tutoring program. Time and resource use can be effectively minimized, allowing programs to launch faster and operate with greater efficiency. 

    Effective Peer Tutoring Must Be Able To:

      • Segment students by program, course, and campus activity.
      • Scale quickly to include the entire student body and affiliated groups.
      • Set a structure that mimics university coursework in timing and frequency.
      • Analyze student participation for additional segmentation by learning style.
      • Set clear objectives along with markers signifying progress towards learning goals.
      • Facilitate online tutoring when in-class or in-person tutoring is not available.
      • Maintain access and engagement using multimedia and a mobile app.

    Why choose NextBee Peer Tutoring Solution?

    NextBee’s tutoring software solution is designed to provide the greatest flexibility for adapting to any campus environment. NextBee’s Peer Tutoring Program is a comprehensive tool, powered by AI and ML technology to help universities increase student performances and keep them engaged in their studies. Key software elements include: 

      • Gamification – A system of intelligent nudges and drivers that use data to build successful momentum towards continuous positive outcomes for their field of study.
      • Lifecycle Journey Mapping – using initial and ongoing evaluation data ensures that every aspect of the program becomes a part of the overall COLLEGE experience.
      • Personalized Experiences – Every experience is tied to each student’s success, their COLLEGE persona, and overall relationship with COLLEGE.

    NextBee’s services provides results, such as:

      • 33% More Peer-to-Peer Coordination
      • 18% Increase in Student Success Levels
      • 75% Increase in Overall student Engagement

    Our dedicated focus is on providing universities and their students with a comprehensive way to improve the effectiveness of existing coursework through greater peer-to-peer and group interactions — and then develop further into a complete engagement solution that keeps the entire student and alumni community involved with the university as a whole.

    At NextBee, we have spent over a decade developing a platform that provides a cohesive all-in-one solution for various engagement initiatives, including peer tutoring and student interaction. Our platform improves campus culture and student outcomes and tracks performance across multiple disciplines.

    If you seek a true game-changer for driving more student engagement, NextBee is just a chat, email, or call away.

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