Design Sales Strategy With Netsuite Rewards Program Integration
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  • Have you ever thought that a rewards program can gain you, loyal customers, in multiple ways? Many entrepreneurs and business owners have a similar question on how to build sales strategy, reward their loyal customers, and build customer loyalty.

    Well, according to some marketers, when customers start to buy products or take services offered by the brand periodically, they become easy targets. Launching a rewards program for them becomes meaningful and buyers also enjoy purchasing from the same brand.

    Companies use marketing strategies so that customers do not land up at their competitor’s zone in any way. Based on the customer’s buying behavior, the rewards program is an ideal tactic to get them to buy the items and reward them for their buying journey with the brand. Rewards work majestically to make the customer have complete trust in the brand.

    Driving NetSuite Integration
    NetSuite has created a cloud-based business administration platform that is used by more than 31,000 growing companies worldwide. Their suite of applications monitor performance, and generate significant efficiency gains and cost savings. Companies can optimize core capabilities such as financial and accounting, inventory management, orders and procurement through NetSuite’s ERP system.

    The system can also integrate with additional tools such as gamification, engagement, CRM, HR, workforce performance and payroll, and PSA for project planning and tracking in addition to omnichannel commerce. Because the company’s information is stored in a single database, across all company functions it is always up to date and available to authorized users.

    Given NetSuite’s importance to countless companies of all sizes, it is no surprise that a number of specialized services have emerged to assist businesses with planning and optimizing their NetSuite integration. Whether ready to take the plunge for the first time, or planning to upgrade your experience, here are a few firms you should perhaps speak to:

    Boomi enables you to deliver Integrated Experiences that transform how you connect with suppliers and customers. You can increase revenue by delivering new and existing consumers with Integrated Experiences that transform how you interact. Integrated Experiences allow you to maximize your most valuable asset–data. Boomi powers your ecosystem with a complete view of your clean, secure, and trustworthy data from every available source. Boomi enables your company to become smarter, more agile, more secure, and more efficient with a modern IT foundation that can adapt to a rapidly changing global climate.

    With their software development services and status as an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner, Sphere works to gain a lasting competitive advantage for their clients by delivering cutting-edge technology services. Sphere’s NetSuite certified consultants have a complete range of IT and software development services to help businesses address core. More importantly, they understand how IT resources can be consumed by complex application landscapes—monolithic code, legacy systems, and a mix of digital and SaaS. Sphere’s application innovation efforts help companies to reinvent their stack and utilize new technologies to increase speed and agility.

    The NetSuite development, integration, and customization services provided by Concentrus ensure that their clients receive a customized solution that meets their business requirements. To achieve their impressive success rate, Concentrus relies on their clients’ objectives rather than on an imposed schedule. Furthermore, they’re here to provide long-term services to assist organizations in achieving their objectives, with a reputation for remaining a strong partner well after they’ve sold you the software and it’s been implemented.

    Bridgepoint Consulting
    Bridgepoint Consulting is a NetSuite Alliance Partner that offers a multitude of NetSuite solutions to assist businesses in upgrading their technology and processes in the digital age. NetSuite ERP-certified consultants and SuiteCloud Developers help companies develop and customize their Suite solutions. Bridgepoint’s NetSuite experts are skilled in many fields, including eCommerce/Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services, SaaS, Wholesale/Distribution, and more.
    The platform provides coding and jargon-free environments to ensure that businesses can quickly and easily use big data without investing in hardware, software, or personnel. The ability to have immediate access to a range of data stores and a rich set of out-of-the-box data transformation components is what makes so popular. Every firm can take advantage of this technology straight away. With’s scalable platform, organizations can integrate, process, and prepare big data for analytics in the cloud.

    NetSuite + NextBee
    To better design a premier rewards experience for all types of customers, NextBee offers rewards program software with custom configurable features proven to drive site visits, purchase amount and frequency, and the completion of valuable activities. The platform can also be easily integrated with the NetSuite loyalty solution.

    Rewards, Sales Performance Tracking, Offerings, Kudos, Distribution, Messages, Feedbacks, Tasks – Manage The Platform Seamlessly With Exclusive Rewards & Offerings To Your Customers


    • Add Product
    • Manage Order
    • Add Items to Inventory
    • Update Inventory
    • Organize Product Lists
    • Update Order Status


    • Assign Reward Tier
    • Log Activity
    • Update Segment
    • Give Reward Points
    • Offer Rewards
    • Send Kudos
    • Send New Message
    • Update Message Sequence
    • Request Feedback
    • Assign a New Task
    • Track Sales Performance
    • Track KPIs

    To make buyers repeat their purchases, design a well-structured rewards program in your business model so that purchasers can have ample trust in your brand, and stay engaged in the buying process.

    NextBee delivers a perfect rewards program solution that is 100% customizable and scalable to deliver a technologically advanced platform. Brands can decide and get the features customized based on business requirements to engage their customers.

    To let brands witness increased sales growth with the revenue emerging from repeated business from loyal customers, get the software integrated with the Netsuite customer rewards solution.

    If you want to know more about NextBee’s exclusive software integration methodology with the Netsuite rewards program, contact our product specialists, and discuss your business requirements.

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