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  • Strong, cohesive teams are crucial for a company’s success. With numerous team engagement software available in the market, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which is the best for team building.

    A quality employee engagement software will provide the motivation and communication to keep teams focused and productive. A quality team engagement software allows you to track progress, help build skills, achieve targets, and connect employees with coworkers and supervisors. A strong engagement program can elevate your productivity and boost ROI.

    NextBee’s world-class team engagement software has helped numerous industry-leading organizations in team building and achieving business goals.

    So, how do we do it?

    The NextBee Employee Engagement Software helps businesses run successful employee programs every day. Over the past 10+ years, NextBee has helped companies of all sizes expand their employee base, generate direct sales through incentives, and building teams and creating a loyal employee base. NextBee’s scalable and robust team engagement software has hundreds of live programs running on it at any given moment. Our platform is secure and provides compliant user interactions.

    To ensure your team continues to grow and improve, you should have a few crucial things in place, including:

    • Training Programs and Resources
    • Collaboration and Project Management Tools
    • Goals/ Target Setting Tools
    • Employee Engagement Tracking Tools


    Training Programs and Resources

    Consistent training and upskilling your employees, in accordance to their job requirements, creates strong teams that perform well. When proper team building training is combined with consistent reinforcements, employees learn faster and more effectively.

    NextBee has a long list of employee training tools that are the best in the industry, including:

      • Training modules
      • Trivia and Quizzes
      • Onboarding challenges
      • Process and Safety Certifications
      • Specialized Contests and Trainings
      • Recognizing First to Adopt/Finish New Training
      • Task Completion Checklists


    Team Collaboration and Project Management Tools

    Collaboration and project management tools that come as a part of team engagement software aid in time management, more efficient communication, multitasking, and remote access to documents, files, meetings and more.

    NextBee recognized this need and created a project management tool that is on top of the market. Our team engagement software is easy-to-use, robust, dynamic and continuously updated to bring your employees the latest engagement content. Your team members have remote access to all the files stored on the cloud, so projects can be worked on from anywhere.

    Unlike traditional models where multiple tools are used for a variety of daily functions, NextBee’s team engagement platform brings all these tools under one roof. This allows us to provide a cost-effective and cohesive engagement program for team building.


    Goals/Target Setting Tools

    Goal setting is a key step to ensuring your teams stay focused and involved. It makes tasks easier by setting milestones to accomplish with given timelines.

    NextBee’s goal and target setting team engagement software let you break down time-consuming tasks into smaller, achievable activities so progress can be tracked and measured quantitatively.

    These breakdowns are especially useful when developing team engagement software for your clients that need to be tested multiple times before launch. Trials on these apps and engagement software along with rectification of errors can take months. Goal-setting tools make it easy to keep track of where the process is in the pipeline, and what needs to be done next. Team leaders can track the progress of each task and provide feedback and suggestions via notes, emails, messages or notifications and strengthen team-building activities.

    Target setting tools aren’t just for tech. They are equally suitable for fields that are related to meeting deadlines, such as design, healthcare, and research.


    Employee Engagement Tracking Tools

    When you set goals, you need to track how each member is performing to achieve those goals. This is why companies put so much focus on making KPIs that are focused on weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly achievements. KPIs help define a set direction in which an employee is expected to work. When employees have direction, they are more productive and engaged. This also helps in team building because when team members see others performing well, fear of being left behind motivates them to work harder.

    Through NextBee’s team engagement software, managers can keep tabs on progress and guide the team members in the right direction. You can use NextBee’s engagement platform for teams to make cost assessments, view the number of clients acquired over a given period, and oversee the number of hours taken by team members to complete tasks.

    To take things a step further, we have also introduced features that let you compare various factors of each completed or acquired deal, and make decisions on which are the most profitable for you. These analyses take no time at all to compute the best options for you and make decision-making simple.

    NextBee is dedicated to improving employee engagement in workplace. We’re committed to creating a diverse and in-depth team engagement software that is flexible yet powerful. We believe that an employee is truly engaged only when their needs and goals are met. To create happy and strong teams, organizations must ensure availability of engagement tools that stimulate creativity and independence and help them achieve more. NextBee provides companies with all the tools necessary to create quality employee engagement.

    If you’d like to know more about NextBee’s team engagement software, or any other of our best-in-class platforms, please reach out! Our team will be happy to assist you.

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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