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  • “What is referral program?” “Do referral programs work?” “Do I need a referral program for my business” and a lot of similar questions keep arising among brands until it shows some real-time advantages. 

    Every business owner tries to implement the choicest strategies and guidelines to generate a better Return on Investment (ROI) in this competitive era. Isn’t it?

    It happens because every company sells similar products or services in a specific industry and target customers from the same pool. 

    That’s the most compelling reason why brands need specific strategies to attract the inactive existing customer base for bringing more referrals.     

    We will read more about how customer referral solutions generate ROI and increase the list of customers effortlessly.         

    Why do referrals matter to all brands?

    Referrals possess powerful network building that boosts the chain of customers. Buyers who had a good experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to their friends and family. 

    The beauty of referral marketing lies in its strategically designed marketing techniques. It has the potential to turn its most loyal customers into brand advocates

    When a customer brings referrals, it eventually makes a huge difference to companies across industries in several ways because: 

    • It is an ideal marketing plan to acquire a new lead through a bunch of existing loyal buyers
    • Brands can thwart trust more quickly and conveniently without making rigorous efforts

    Referrals are partially just a game number because around 80 percent of consumers are willing to recommend, but in actuality, only 20 percent do that. Hence, with a solid referral network, brands can gain massive benefits. 

    Why is ROI important for brands?

    Return on Investment (ROI) is always a pre-planned cost acquisition value that brands decide before launching the product or starting new services. 

    The company’s marketing team determines the profitability factor to guess the expenditure coming out after deducting the surplus. 

    Such guesswork helps businesses expect the best returns on their investment in the making of a product or service.   

    One survey says that around 60 percent of marketers affirm that referral marketing platforms generate higher customer leads. At the same time, another 54 percent reckons that it attributes lower cost per lead. 

    Hence, ROI plays a vital role in making firm business-related decisions in terms of acquiring new leads. 

    How does a referral management platform help companies to build stronger customer relationships?

    It makes no sense that companies keep on spending aimlessly on building marketing techniques, and none of the customers are valuing those efforts. 

    So, for business success, building stronger customer relationships is significant. Enticing loyal buyers with rewarding schemes, discounts, and extra perks gives brands more power to create powerful marketing tactics. 

    Satisfied and happy customers naturally lead to spread positive word-of-mouth advertising and thus, increases sales in business. 

    It is the primary reason why companies nowadays give more focus to implementing a referral marketing solution into the system. Benefits that come with such platforms are overwhelming to entice existing customers to stay loyal to one brand. 

    About NextBee’s Referral Software

    A referral management platform is a perfect way to attract potential customers amidst the extensive list of buyers in your database.  

    To make you sort out that database, NextBee’s exclusive platform offers hi-end features driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. With the help of this solution, brands can do the following: 

    • It gives a 360-degree view of the platform that helps to organize and manage raw data effectively 
    • Leaderboard enables predicting customer’s behavior according to their buying behavior
    • Attracting current buyers become reachable with rewarding schemes
    • Based on customer’s previous buying history, brands can gauge why are they not active or what is holding them to visit again
    • Incentives and bonuses work incredibly to encourage shoppers to bring more referrals
    • Smart admin dashboard gives complete control over user management 
    • AI-driven customization features to personalize the platform according to business requirements 

    NextBee is the leading top-class referral solution provider that creates tailored programs no matter if you own a small, medium, or large-sized business. The platform gets accustomed based on specific business requirements. 

    If you want to know more in detail, contact our marketing experts for a demo.

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