Increasing Customer Lifetime Value With Customized Loyalty Programs
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  • Increasing customer lifetime value can seem quite a challenge. But a robust customer loyalty software can help you quickly develop customer loyalty and boost revenue. 

    In this competitive era, building customer-oriented programs is the utmost goal of every company. Regardless of the business operations, whether offline or online, every organization tends to find umpteen ways to increase its customer’s lifetime value. 

    There are several occasions when companies either lose or win a customer for one or another reason. And that’s when loyalty programs act as a savior for all-sized businesses. 

    Loyalty programs have become a record-breaking integral part of running business operations smoothly. Nowadays, most companies are mainly focusing on connecting their average order values with customer lifetime value.  

    Significance of Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

    Customer Lifetime Value, commonly known as CLV, is the time spanning the customer’s entire buying journey with a particular brand. 

    It plays a vital role because it directly connects the amount of money that customer spends in purchasing a company’s products or services during their association with the company. 

    A study reveals that customers who have an emotional connection with the brands tend to have a 306% higher lifetime value. 

    It is most likely because a flexible loyalty rewards program can simultaneously enhance all the elements’ lifetime value equation elements. 

    Let’s look at the factors on how to build a more profitable relationship with your customers. 


    Engage loyal buyers beyond transactions

    Customer engagement is essential for any company and is way more important than transactions. 

    Businesses realize that customer engagement is the toughest and the most challenging part of the entire process. 

    To increase CLV, brands try to keep existing customers engaged both ways – offline and online. 

    Introduce exclusive rewards often

    When customers suddenly receive rewards for their regular shopping behavior, they eventually stay more loyal to the brand. Isn’t it true? Yes, it does!

    Rewarding your customers more often tends to build a lifetime connection with them, increasing loyalty and their chances to re-visit always. 


    Create trust with quality over quantity

    Trust is the most significant factor that requires a good mutual relationship between the brand and the buyer. It is easier for a particular company to offer quality products and services to its loyal shoppers.   

    There is no shred of doubt that every purchaser looks for the quality of products or services without any compromise. Hence, it is vital to maintain that trust level on the spur. 

    Why is it essential to introduce loyalty programs to increase CLV?

    There are endless options readily available for the consumers in the market which they can buy as per their choice and convenience. For instance, if customers do not find a product or service useful, they will ultimately hop to another brand. And, it is where the company will start losing its most valuable buyers.

    Your aim should to be retain your existing customers and increase customer lifetime value. The best customer loyalty software play a pivotal role in retaining them. NextBee is the leading customer engagement solution provider for brands seeking to implement personalized customer loyalty programs. 

    Increasing customer lifetime value becomes easy with a flexible rewards system. It comes with specialized offers and way beyond that such as:

    • A well-driven loyalty program features that help to boost customer engagement 
    • Smart predictive analytics predicts customer behavior and enhances the chances to amplify their offline or online footfall 
    • A 360-degree engagement with a data-led action plan
    • Complete customization and admin panel control over the platform 
    • Scalable enough to engage loyal buyers in a wide variety of ways such as discounts, exclusive offers, perks, rewards, et cetera


    Brands can design specific loyalty programs with NextBee’s intuitive loyalty marketing software that allows brands to create customized programs for specific groups of buyers. 

    The features of the turnkey platform have the potential to turn your customers into active brand advocates. It offers unparalleled integration capabilities that give accurate data insights to evaluate CLV and do a thorough predictive analysis.  

    We’ve also listed customer engagement best practices so you can optimize your loyalty program for the best results.

    To book a demo of the solution and watch how our loyalty platform can help you increase CLV, contact us now!

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