Top 5 Tactics to Increase Revenue Through Channel Partners, Employees & Customers
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  • Any organization’s prime source of revenue is its customers, channel partners, and employees. And revenue is usually the determining factor when it comes to measuring an organization’s success and growth. So, channel partners, employees, and customers should be your prime focus to increase revenue.

    Your products and businesses are running because of them. Thus, providing them with incentives and rewards for every effort made will help you to grow your business significantly.

    Rewards can help you to generate revenue. That might seem like a contradicting statement to many.

    Well, it can be, if a strategic plan is not created,.

    Rewards and incentives should entice your:

    • customers to buy more products or services,
    • employees to work hard and put more efforts into the company, and
    • channel partners to be effective in marketing the brand to customers.

    But, it is not necessary to create monetary rewards. The customers should be intrigued, so add valuable incentives that attract everyone to put more effort into your company.

    Bonus points, coupons, contests, sweepstakes, discounts, and vouchers can be some value-adding ways to encourage everyone. Moreover, all of this works at a limited expense. For instance, you can add a 10% discount on the newly launched product or add time constraint and offer extra points if customers purchase before the deadline.

    In this way, you will see more sales, which will have a dramatic impact to increase revenue.

    We have listed the top 5 strategies that will help you to increase revenue with limited expenses, by simply focusing on your channel partners, customers and employees:

    Customer Loyalty Software

    In order to succeed, gaining customer loyalty is essential. An organization needs an integrated customer loyalty management solution that helps them retain their best customers, and a customer loyalty program is one way to get that.

    A loyalty program helps you to understand customer behavior. It comprises presenting your customers with valuable rewards or free merchandise. In addition to this, with loyalty reward programs, you can offer your loyal customers pre-sales benefits, new products, and discount coupons.

    Several industries have gained considerable benefits through customer loyalty programs, including increased revenue. They help in driving repetitive sales for companies. Companies have seen ten times growth in customer retention through loyalty programs.

    Customer Referral Software

    New customer acquisition, customer engagement, or customer retention, referral marketing is one of your best shots. With the help of customer referral programs, you can promote new products through your customers.

    Referral programs make your loyal customers the brand advocates. Adding incentives and rewards for every referral will help you build a brand advocate system that will encourage your customers to refer your products to their friends and family.

    By configuring an enticing customer referral program, you can ask your customers to spread word-of-mouth for your brand and newly launched products in a way that they can also receive benefits.

    Channel Partner Engagement Software

    Channel partners are other critical elements of the success of an organization. Using these ways in a channel partner program, you can encourage your channel partners to stay engaged and deliver more value to your customers.

    You can configure and customize the program based on your business needs. Product training, marketing resources, product support, qualified consumer leads are some of the key features that will help your channel partners to attract more customers.

    The program works as a structure, allowing companies to make informed decisions to help the business thrive perpetually. NextBee’s channel partner program helps you to transform your business into a profitable market for consumers.

    Employee Engagement Software

    The employee recognition program integrated with NextBee’s module helps the companies to gather the performance metrics and insights. With the help of this data, companies can recognize the employees’ efforts and reward them accordingly.

    Acknowledging employees’ efforts helps them stay connected with the organization for a longer duration, aiding to benefit you with all the efforts and time invested in teaching them.

    With committed and responsible employees, your company propels, helping to increase revenue. Moreover, using providing rewards to the employees will improve productivity, and results encourage their peers to work more and deliver higher revenue.

    NextBee’s 360 Degree Engagement Method

    Enrich your customer experience with a 360-degree customer engagement solution. When customers get to have a transparent review platform, they feel more empowered. So, providing them with a 360-degree view can benefit your organization.

    As a company, you need to have easy management modules. So, with NextBee’s 360-degree engagement method, you can easily manage and optimize customer interactions. CX360 platform provides you with a full-fledged solution to engage your customers.

    You get real-time access to the customer insights, so based on that, you can configure incentives to reward your customers for their loyalty towards your brand. You can integrate the module with any third-party software to easily manage engagement through an AI-powered network.


    Sales and revenue growth are interrelated, but they require different strategies and objectives. However, it is important for you to create a program approach that will complement both your sales and increase revenue.

    With your refined and integrated marketing strategies, you can significantly increase sales, and increased sales results in higher revenue. Thus, using the above tactics dealing with loyalty, referral, channel partners, recognition and engagement can help you achieve higher revenue with limited expenses.


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