Integrate Point of Sale (POS) with Loyalty & Rewards Software (CX360)
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  • Building a loyal customer base is crucial for every organization. If you are looking for ways to encourage your customers to repeat visits and spend extra for your establishments, you need to incentivize them. The most common and easy way to do so is to configure a loyalty program solution.

    The benefits of integrating point of sale with loyalty and reward programs are enough for organizations to commemorate the program. Without an ounce of doubt, customer loyalty reward software attracts users who partner with you frequently.

    With amazing discounts and rewards as well as a customer engagement platform, the software provides a plethora of advantages. 

    NextBee’s CX360 loyalty reward software and point of sale (POS) program is an all-in-one solution that easily allows your consumers to register, earn, and redeem points.

    Customer acquisition is 10x more expensive than customer retention.

    Using NextBee’s POS loyalty platform and reward software, you get a sheer advantage of quickly launching your program based products to your customers. POS maximizes the effects of loyalty programs, resulting in increased return on investment.

    POS Loyalty Reward Program Features

    With CX360 by NextBee, you get a customized loyalty program that lets you to easily configure the point rules and rewards to attract your customers.

    • Supports loyalty cards
    • Fully integrated with NextBee’s Point of Sale
    • Configure loyalty rules and rewards
    • Reward points to customers per visit or purchase made
    • Track customers through customer number/codes
    • Loyalty reports and insights
    • Integrated with third-party software

    5 Ways to Use Loyalty Reward Software to Drive Sales

    For organizations, the main goal is to generate profit, and it can be done through increased sales. In order to generate good revenue in a loyalty-based point of sale program, you will have to make extra efforts to personalize and configure your systems in a way that you can easily communicate with your end-users by using the program.

    We have listed some essential tips that will help to increase sales through the POS customer loyalty software:

    Reward Loyalty Sign-up

    How will you earn loyal customers if they don’t even sign up in the first place?

    So, the first step is to get your customers sign-up for your program. By offering them sign-up rewards or incentives – it can be anything from a discount on purchase, vouchers for free pizza in Dominos, or free shipping.

    By accumulating smart and impressive rewards will help you to onboard the maximum number of consumers.

    Integrate Marketing Campaigns

    Personalized messages tell customers they are valued.

    Using a content-driven strategy for marketing campaigns like email or SMS can make customers more informed about your program. Configure loyalty programs through POS that sends customers with new offers, promotional codes, and rewards.

    You get an exclusive advantage from this integration to make the most out of your loyalty program.

    Online Redeeming Benefits

    When customers are provided with different ways to earn and redeem awards, they stay.

    Integrating your point of sale with your business that lets the customers redeem their loyalty reward points through online stores will encourage them to invest more in your business.

    Configure loyalty points for your in-store and online store to gain more loyal customers.

    Gift Cards

    Gift cards, just like loyalty programs, are another way to motivate customers to invest more in your products.

    Configuring personalized gift cards for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings is a great way to attract customers. When a gift card is integrated with a loyalty program, you are provided with maximum efficiency.

    In order to capture more customers and drive extensive holiday sales, gift card programs are the sound choice.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media is the best path for customer engagement and brand awareness.

    Integrating your loyalty reward programs with social media will give your customers an opportunity to interact with your brand. Social media has been proven to drive sales, and incorporating the POS with this marketing platform will attract more customers.

    You can configure POS in a way that lets consumers purchase directly from social media, without having to visit the website for purchase.

    Why Integrate Point of Sales with Loyalty Reward Software (CX360)?

    Integrating your loyalty reward software CX360 with your point of Sales will help you attract your customers and impeccably generate numerous revenues. Configuring various consumer-centric activities will aid in driving customer loyalty boosting and retention. With POS integration, you can customize and provide offers and discounts to your users, resulting in them to become your loyal customers.


    Whether you are planning to set up a new loyalty program or want to revamp the existing one, having the right point of sale program integrated with one is necessary for your success. Start your journey with NextBee’s robust solutions today.

    The point of sale system is an integral component of your organization. Moreover, it is an interactive way to attract existing customers to let them invest more in your products.

    Configuring an effective POS system with a CX360 loyalty reward program will easily amalgamate and streamline important organizational operations. Furthermore, this integration will provide you with a firm course of data, indeed helping you with a sound decision-making process.


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