Draw Users’ Attention Through 2-Way Push Notifications
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  • With competition so high, brands look for all the mediums to compete to gain users’ attention through every possible channel. Marketing campaigns, such as 2-way and push notifications are currently the most effective and hence, the most sought-after methods.

    In recent years, we have developed into a consumer-centric world. If you plan on creating any customer retention app or service that is not user-friendly, it will fail immediately. So, consumers are your ray of hope to succeed, and they need instant gratification.

    Marketers are finding new and innovative ways to attract prospects. The customer acquisition marketing and retention rate are extremely high as compared to the cost to create a platform are really reasonable.

    Such high costs make it extremely challenging for marketers to thrive in this cut-throat competition. This is the reason several marketing strategies involve push notification as a medium to engage the users.

    Push notification is one of the thriving marketing channels that are highly cost-effective, increasing over 40% of click-through rate.

    If you use push notifications in the right way, they work better than any other channel marketing solution. Not only it helps you to retain customers, but it also provides you with updates and insights about your customer activities – based on which you can reinvent your marketing efforts.

    Why Push Notification is a Critical Feature?

    Information is a critical element, and push notification provides you with real-time information delivery for new products, special offers, customer insights, new visitors, and so on in the real-time environment. Push notifications are considered as the most convenient way to deliver the needed message to the end-users.

    • It helps you to speak to your customers directly.
    • It is a critical part of an effective user experience.
    • It boosts end-user engagement.
    • It highlights new offers or provides real-time consumer metrics.
    • It provides reminders, order completion, and order delivery.
    • It alerts if you have missed out on new activity or offers.

    When it comes to the customer push notification solutions, the list goes on. They help consumers as well as the company to keep track of the needed interface.

    Types of 2-Way Push Notifications

    Companies are looking for ways to gather customer insights as well as notify them of new product launches and lots more. Well, push notification is certainly a great way to achieve both.

    NextBee’s customer engagement software helps you to configure a notification engine that provides your customers with relevant information at the right time. Furthermore, it provides companies with real-time insights on customer behavior. Consecutively, you can gather the data insights and configure them smartly to the notification engine.

    We have divided the benefits of using push notification into two categories:

    How can push notifications help customers?
    Welcome Notification

    Customers log in to your website because they are highly intrigued by your products/services. As soon as an individual login or install your application, they look forward to a welcome message. Onboarding customers relies on how you make them feel.

    Using welcome notifications with innovative and personalized context will make your customers feel special. Click-through rates help you understand how your business is going. Moreover, welcome messages are a way to help the end-users get going to the next step.

    Through this, you can move your customers to the onboarding process. Unveil the creative push notification channel through NextBee and check the conversion rate.

    Point-Based Notification

    With loyalty and reward points, consumers feel they had a worthy shopping experience. In order to retain customers and make them feel satisfied, point-based metrics work the best.

    However, there are times customers fail to login or check the application. So, using push notifications as a reminder for their points earned will help in their retention as well as make them feel delighted.

    Rewarding customers for their loyalty to you can help you to propel. Thus, using a loyalty program by configuring push notifications will work as a whole step.

    Badge Earned Notification

    Gamification has surely let consumers and companies earn benefits at the same time. With badges and other rewards through gamification, companies have seen over a 50% increase in the conversion rate.

    Customers are encouraged with rewards. So, competing for badges and other rewards makes them feel motivated to go ahead. By using push notifications, you can motivate customers to participate and earn more.

    When customers are aware of their performance level, they try to focus more on meeting their goals. Push notification works as a reminder that keeps track, leading to staying engaged with each other.

    Leader-Board Notification

    A leaderboard is an optimum way to make customers feel more encouraged. The happier your customers are, the better your organization runs. When you gamify your customer engagement tactics, you see a hype of 47% in engagement.

    Individuals love to be challenged. Leaderboards make customers feel they are not only spending their money on the product but, at the same time, achieving something. With the help of leaderboards, the company can see the number of active and inactive users.

    Getting notification about their ranking on the leaderboard will motivate them to invest more in the activity, leading organizations to earn capital and customers to become happy.

    Points Redeemed Notification

    Customers feel agitated to open the app and keep track of the points. Configuring a push notification to let customers know how many points they have and how they can redeem will make it easy for them to stay connected with you.

    Users with relevant information tend to stay longer. Using the tools in the right way will help you retain your customers, which will increase sales and drive conversion rates.

    Moreover, reminding users about the remaining points will also help them feel encouraged to go and earn more points.

    How push notification can help COMPANIES?
    Program Invite Notification

    A refined customer experience benefits companies two-time more than any other marketing effort. Enriching the customers with a satisfactory output helps you travel the road much faster. This is the reason top-notch companies make it important to deliver their customers with a far-reaching experience.

    Integrating the push notification channel with your program, you can gain real-time customer insights. In order to propel, you need to know how customers are feeling, which product they are interested in, and who your top bankable customers are.

    Gathering these insights from NextBee’s platform, you can craft effective marketing strategies to make your customers come for more.

    New-Point Rule

    It has been observed that over 57% of Americans have left a business because of their loyalty program software. No one likes to have an elongated pointer program. By using the new-point rule notification, users are provided with the utmost information beforehand.

    Once the users know how they can accomplish points, they tend to work harder to get there. Customers want companies to meet their needs. Research shows that over 50% of customers leave a business for a competitive brand that offers better services.

    Thus, you need to configure point-based activity with push notification that tells customers how to gain more points. This small step will help you with customer retention.

    Referral Invite Notification

    Positive word-of-mouth helps in bringing more customers. A recommendation from a trustworthy entity influences people. Over 82% of people look for referrals from their friends and families.

    Thus, using referral marketing can help companies to acquire new customers. When consumers get a notification from their people, it becomes easier for them to join. So, using referral invite notification will motivate consumers.

    By using NextBee’s module, it becomes easy for the companies to scoop in enrolling or acquiring new customers with the help of their existing customers.

    Inactivity Notification

    50% of customers leave loyalty program accounts. Several out of them are inactive after a few bankable outputs, and millions of accounts go unclaimed. Thus, by using NextBee’s module, you can configure push notification to track the active users.

    Insights show you the number of inactive users for the defined period of time. So, by gathering useful KPIs, you can craft a marketing strategy that will help you to reactivate the inactive users automatically.

    Inactivity notifications help you to track customer behavior and help you to identify the potential candidates to attract them back.

    Rewards Acknowledged Notification

    75% of consumers tend to stay with organizations that offer rewards. Configuring NextBee’s module with push notification will provide you with real-time alerts as soon as a customer selects a particular reward.

    The push notification works both ways for consumers and companies. Whenever the reward is accepted, both get a pop-up notification of the reward claim. So, it eradicates all the chances of exchange or product returns.

    With all the gathered insights, companies avoid any chances of confusion as they have updated data on consumer activity.

    How NextBee Helps With Push Notifications?

    By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, NextBee creates a module that lets you gather all the customer data to understand their behavior. With every activity initiated by the customer, you get a notification. It helps you track your every step, making it easy for you to reevaluate your customer engagement strategies.

    Push notification helps you and your customers to stay updated with every performance step initiated. If you want to impel your marketing efforts, you need to introduce push notification as one of the strategies.

    Configure push notification with your customer engagement software and let them know what to expect in the forthcoming. Remember to use these in a refined way; overuse can cause you to lose customers and business.

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