5 Key Benefits of Point Leaderboard: Predict Customers’ Behavior
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  • Lately, leaderboards have been considered as a common element to predict customer behavior.

    Where consumers are gaining several benefits by participating in new activities, there are producers using every notion of artificial intelligence to configure an interactive platform that attracts more customers.

    Customers like to get rewarded. Thus, using a customer rewards system like point leaderboards will help them to see the rank. Based on every level completed, they will be rewarded with amazing incentives, keeping them thrilled to initiate more.

    Based on every activity, the distribution of points will be different.

    Marketers and product managers are using these point leaderboards to encourage people to purchase and use their services. The idea behind this is simple – as people like to win and get rewarded, why not market and capitalize on it?

    Competition makes you Competent.

    The race gets interesting with customer incentives solutions and awards at the end. And, what motivates the participants more is – keeping the score of their competition.

    Using point leaderboard and gamification incentive solutions, companies can gamify the activities with exceptional incentives and rewards at every level, encouraging customers to buy your products more.

    How does the Point Rule Leaderboard Change, the Approach of Customers?

    Firstly, implementing a well-designed leaderboard will itself promote the satisfaction of proficiency among the customers.

    • makes it easy to contest.
    • helps to keep track of the progress.
    • briefs customers about all the possibilities.
    • helps customers to gauge through each level with full information.
    Top 5 Benefits of using point leaderboard module in customer loyalty software

    Leaderboards make it easy for the customers to know the performance level and points achieved (by them and their competitors). Furthermore, it also makes it easy for the organizations to compile the user data to understand their behavior and put them in action for upcoming and ongoing marketing strategies.

    Focus on Metrics

    Rewards indeed make users participate, but do they motivate to keep going on? It might work for some, but having all customers in favor of it is slightly impossible. Individuals need results in front of their eyes, and leaderboards are the best way to derive it.

    • Tracks the performance activity points
    • Emphasize the intrinsic goals
    • Promotes the competitive edge

    Leaderboard emphasizes increased performance metrics, which lead to results. When customers can see how well they are doing or how their competitors are ahead of them, they will be encouraged to participate more. And, rewards are the cherries they get.

    Better Performance

    The best way to propel sales is through encouragement, and competition encourages the most. When team players are provided with real-time performance insights through leaderboards, they will be motivated to get better than them.

    • Discounts and rewards at each level
    • Adding performance graphs for longer participation
    • Interactive offers for referrals

    The leaderboard will help you to create a map of success by configuring a level based program. Celebrating the best performer’s achievements by displaying it on the leaderboard will stimulate a sense of contest among customers.

    Gather Feedback

    Real-time feedback and a customer reward point system helps customers to keep track of their progress from level one to level two. When the customers check the leaderboard, they are provided with the insights:

    • Total points earned from the completed activity
    • Tells people their performance level
    • Shows the number of activities performed

    Creating a well-designed feedback program through loyalty software will help the customers to stay engaged. People check their progress often, so it is important to design feedback to see whether or not they are enjoying the activities.

    Social Evaluation & Increased Participation

    Leaderboards provide social evaluation. The primary purpose of this is to encourage customers to participate more. The assessment shows the customers their performance metrics in relation to others. With rankings, you are directly instigating social evaluation. Ranks customers in comparison to their friends, on participation time, on the base of points achieved, and more.

    Social evaluation is challenging, so if done right, it will initiate competence. People are inclined to comparisons, to see who is better than them. Using this human anatomy on your leaderboards can help you to boost your sales.

    Rewards Acknowledgment

    You can link social rewards to motivate them to put in the extra effort. Configuring value-added competition with point-based activities spurs up the competitive spirit among the consumers. Thus, adding badges, stars, discounts, and incentives will enrich their experience and allow them to participate more.

    • Design rewards based on their social behavior
    • Create unpredictable rewards
    • Use symbolic rewards like coupons or discounts.

    By now, every organization is affirmative on the context that rewards are the best way to stimulate motivation. So, if the activities you have for the customers are sometimes mundane, adding social rewards is essential for them to stick and become an active participant in your social media brand advocacy program.

    How does NextBee help with Point Leaderboard?

    NextBee‘s point leaderboard provides real-time insights. The smart control board helps you circulate motivation among customers and encourage them to reach the point levels with more dedication. Moreover, it provides you with detailed tracking of customer behavior. Leaderboards help to increase social sharing and will increase inspiration.

    Configuring leaderboards to use social shares, customer reference platform, and activity points earned will aid in customer retention and acquisition. Integrating each level with rewarded points for every action made will help customers to stay engaged with your company, leading to increased sales and extended customers.

    Point leaderboards are your source to impel. Therefore, by revolutionizing the loyalty reward programs, you can succeed in your brand marketing efforts.

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