Reduce Customer Service Response Time With Key Strategies
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  • Nowadays, every brand wants to build an ever-growing social presence that could be more visible than its competitors. Companies try their best to provide exceptional customer service and quality products to increase customer lifetime value.

    Understandably, every customer’s needs are unique as they are one of the undeniable assets that cannot be ignored at any point in time. But, are you fulfilling their requirements to match the expectations? How good are you in addressing their concerns or responding to their queries so far?

    Sometimes, this seems less probable as thousands of organizations sell almost similar products or services? Amid all such high intensity of competition, an excellent customer engagement strategy comes up as a savior. These engagement methods are an outcome of several years of practice and zest to try to different ideas to sustain in the marketplace.

    Let us throw some light on how organizations can build strong relationships with their customers without facing consumer churn rates.

    Why does fast response time matter in customer service?

    Good customer service is an essential aspect of any brand to assist its esteemed customers. There is no denying that time is a crucial part of accountability when it comes to customer service.

    Some companies certainly feel short of employees or fewer resources to address customer’s complaints, queries, and compliments. For instance, if any prospective buyer has asked about the price or details about a specific product or service, and the company representative is replying after 24 hours, it would undoubtedly impact the brand’s image.

    Meanwhile, it is more likely that after not receiving a timely reply, customers would have found a good deal on the competitor’s website or social media channels. And, gradually, you have already lost your potential consumer by now.

    One recent study revealed that customers count a faster response time in a good customer service extended by the company.

    It is relevant because the first thing a person expects from any brand is good customer service and faster response that too well in time.

    Now, perhaps you will know why faster response time matters a lot for any brand in this competitive market as it is a highly admired engagement technique.

    Benefits of fast response time

    Out of the numerous benefits of quick response times, companies can leverage customers’ needs in a short duration.

    Brands must consider the actual process linked with good customer service. If companies will reduce the response wait time, the chance of engaging customers becomes more promising.

    Some of the significant benefits of responding well in time are: 

    • Customers have an immense trust-building element in the brand
    • Opportunity to optimize potential leads
    • Customer returning periodically for purchases
    • A good brand image across offline and online channels
    • Gain a competitive advantage over competitors
    Helpful tips to improve response time

    As businesses often struggle to get a hold of their customers, little they know that purchasers always appreciate brands whose response time is faster than others.

    According to Forrester Research, 41% of customers expect a response within 6 hours on emails. A faster response time makes the customer feel valued.

    Let us discuss some useful customer engagement tips that could be helpful for companies to improve response time.

    Use the ‘quick reply’ option 

    Marketing specialists can always set a fine-tuned generalized reply for all customers, considering an apt time frame to address their queries satisfactorily.

    One study revealed that 18% of customers expect a brand to respond in one hour. Nearly half of it is expected within 24 hours. And, to our surprise, around 33% of buyers do not expect any reply at all.

    Of course, personal attention is what every customer expects from a brand. To not let the consumer go impatient with a no-reply zone, it is always good to instantly text a general reply to the customer. It does help to start a conversation before a company representative addresses the situation personally.

    Set automated emails

    If some customers are sending complaints or asking about product information, get your general email sending option readily available that goes to the user’s inbox instantly.

    The option to create customized emails can be accessed in the email settings to send an automatic reply within a second. There is no need to draft the same thing over and again. It is quick, convenient, and faster.

    Introduce Chatbots

    The use of chatbots is ever-increasing the way demands increase. Chatbots can be seen on every website or mobile app once the user lands on the page. It primarily asks about any help or inquiry that the customer may have in the case. This tool interacts with the user in real-time.

    NextBee’s customer engagement platform helps businesses to stay ahead

    NextBee‘s customer engagement solution is one-of-its-kind that runs on AI-driven automated programming. The platform has robust features that allow employers to design and create several programs to fetch their interest.

    With this unique platform’s help, brands can send messages, invoice tracking, purchase details, take feedback, requests, assign tasks, run activities, and a lot more. It is not restricted to only these features; organizations can track customers’ movement and respond to them accordingly by seeing their past or present purchasing behavior.

    There is no need to go through old files or depend on slow running software machines that may hamper the response time or cause delays.


    Offering excellent customer service is vital to any employer because, without customers, the brands would not exist in the market. It is somewhat crucial for brands to stay ahead of the curve to provide incredible customer service to their customers.

    To engage buyers with good engagement programs, book a free demo with NextBee’s marketing specialists and know more about our highly scalable and customizable solution.

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