Importance of Engaging with The Quality Control Team who Indirectly Ensures Customer Retention
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  • It is a proven fact that employee engagement improves performance in the workplace. When engaged, they invest more energy in the work they do and produce higher quality results.

    Quality control teams remain a second priority for employee engagement, which is not right because they play an integral role in customer retention.

    But what does effective employee engagement look like? Truth be told, it is far beyond a cool cafeteria at work or a shiny break room. While some might say that engagement is all about incentives, they are not entirely on point.

    Authentic employee engagement is like a meditation where you invest in your people and keep them engaged with different incentives, rewards, activities, and training programs.

    Effective engagement is not vanity and produces tangible results that are visible to everyone. Engaged employees increase an organization’s productivity, improve the work quality, and retain talent who then contribute immensely to customer retention.

    Quality Control and Customer Retention

    So, what is the relationship between quality control and retaining customers?

    Simply put, retention is all about the relationship you have with your customers. Stronger bonds equal their chances of staying loyal to your brand. This is especially true for service-based organizations, and quality control teams are at the center of it.

    Your organizational values will reflect in the way your teams function. That is the reason why quality control begins during training.

    Your people should understand that every task they perform is to make things easier for the customer. An error-free product makes customers feel satisfied, and thus, quality control (QC) teams have a big responsibility.

    Which makes us ask how QC technology helps your organization retain customers?

    Here are a few significant ways they contribute towards the retention goal. QC helps you by:

    • Evaluating and improving product quality
    • Identifying problems in their tracks and rectifying them
    • Providing a connected system to track customer expectations and deliver quality results
    • Creating regular client review reports to improved engagement based on quality
    • Working con client assurance programs in a systematic way

    Nearly 71% of the top 200 marketing managers agree that quality control is an essential part of customer satisfaction and a reliable metric to monitor an organization’s success.

    When you make promises to your customers and deliver on them, you strengthen your relationship with them.

    Technology also plays an integral part in the process as it generates automated reports that maintain a transparent picture of your performance.

    Importance of Quality Assurance (QA) Managers in an Organization

    Now that we have a clear understanding of how QC helps retain customers let us find out the importance of having qualified QA managers in your organization.

    As the name suggests, their job is to manage quality for the company’s products and services. It is a foolish move to underestimate the value of quality in building a competitive advantage for your company.

    High quality is directly proportional to added value, and with the extremely competitive market, you need to get every advantage possible.

    While the definition of quality assurance refers to identifying and preventing defects or errors in products developed by the company before it is delivered to the end-user, the whole process is a bit more complicated.

    There are several additional benefits of having a competitive QA team in place. Some of them include:

    • Increased productivity and reduced costs
    • Early detection of bugs and issues so that they do not affect the customer’s experience
    • Transitioning business processes from detection to prevention

    Industry leaders like Google, Amazon, and Google are going leaps and bounds to improve their software testing efforts, and their success speaks volumes about the results achieved.

    It clearly states that there is no replacement for quality, and no promotional activities will ever deliver the desired results with a faulty product.

    How HR Teams Can Engage Quality Control Teams

    HR teams already have their hands full at the workplace, but they can always scale-up their employee engagement efforts with automated solutions.

    It all starts with effective communication, but that is not the only way to improve the results. Here are some key drivers that you can implement to improve engagement:

    • Execute all strategies with clearly-defined internal lines of communication
    • Enable organizational transparency through transparent communication
    • Define each team member’s role in great detail to avoid any confusion related to their job
    • Have an open-door policy for the resolution of employee grievances
    • Have specially designed reward programs for all team members 
    • Gamify the engagement process and manage it through a centralized dashboard
    • Streamline all communication efforts through an employee engagement solution and inform your people about ongoing activities and training programs using multiple channels like email, apps, etc.


    Clear communication, ample career progression opportunities, and proper recognition for their efforts are vital to your employees.

    If they feel that they do not have the necessary support to do so effectively, they are likely to look for new opportunities or lose interest in their jobs.

    If employee engagement seems like a tough nut to crack, why not take a page out of the quality control book and automate the process?

    Time to Start Engaging Your Quality Control Team Effectively

    Using an AI-based employee engagement solution, you can set clear career goals for your people from day one and train them to become future leaders.

    NextBee’s engagement platform can generate in-depth reports about your employees’ progress both as a team and individually. It also helps in improving the efficiency of your recruitment process and reduces costs over time.

    Want to know where you can start? Get in touch with our experts over a free consultation and find out how to develop a comprehensive engagement strategy tailored to your brand.

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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